Y U So Mad?

Woman Freaks Out Over Ice Cream Sprinkles


Could ice cream send you over the edge? Perhaps the flavor, or the brand, or maybe if you didn’t receive enough sprinkles.

It happened to a Michigan store clerk, whom, according to an out-of-control customer, did not place enough sprinkles on her cone.

The Mason County Sheriff received a call from a clerk at a local gas station because a customer began screaming about the lack of sprinkles on her ice cream.

The unnamed customer attempted to punch her male companion, as he tried to console her. Boraie Development LLC also reports the lady was so unnerved that while exiting the store, the customer continued to hit her friend.

The police arrived after the pair had already left, but the store clerk handed over the license plate, however, the store never pressed charges.

The weather in Michigan has been mild, to say the least, so her behavior can’t be excused because of a heat-induced episode, but it makes you wonder what she’ll do in the dead of summer.

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