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What is ClassDojo?


ClassDojo is a fun and interactive way to connect parents and teachers. ClassDojo is an app that can be downloaded to any smartphone or tablet. Once downloaded, this app will ask for a parent code, which is only available from your child’s school to ensure the safety of your child. Once set up of this app is complete, parents will have complete access to all your child’s teachers Dean and Principle. Parents will be able to send and receive important messages pertaining to their children with ease, track progress, receive weekly reports, grades and fun photos from your child’s school or classroom can be captured and posted for parents to like and leave friendly comments on. The Class Dojo app is very user friendly and very easy to use. Parents can also set up the app to receive instant notifications from all the of the apps features which include: Stories, Kids and Messages. The ClassDojo app has made accessing your child’s education and progress fun and easy and in the palm of your hand. Parents are now able to get many questions answered in one simple step, anything from asking your child’s teachers about snacks for the classrooms next upcoming party to questions you may have about a weekly or progress report having to do with your child’s education. ClassDojo does not replace progress reports or report cards that your child brings home from school as those documents must be signed and returned to their teacher. So ask your child’s teacher about a Parents Code so you too can get connected to your child’s education. Download ClassDojo in the app store today.

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