Y U So Mad?

Wengie Has Come A Long Way From Humble Beginnings


Wengie is an Australian beauty and lifestyle vlogger that has millions of followers all over the world. She recently did a whiteboard video where she drew her life. She started off as a small child in China. Her family moved to Australia for work and left her temporarily with her grandfather in China. After a while, they were reunited in Melbourne and she attended school. She goes on to explain that she was painfully shy when she was little and didn’t have a very large appetite. She eventually overcame her shyness and overcompensated by making as many friends as she possibly could in high school. During high school she discovered that her mom was expecting another child, her little brother.


She received a scholarship to attend college for accounting while she was still living at home. She successfully graduated from college and went on to take a job as a full-time accountant. However, she quit her job because her heart was not in it. Wengie eventually moved out of her family home and got an apartment of her own when she became a social media manager for a time and worked around the clock. During that time she created her blog and then Youtube channel. She had great success with them and eventually quit her full-time job to take on being social media personality full time.


She is currently engaged to Max, and they routinely do blog spots with one another. She has a blog that she updates daily as well as releasing her Youtube video twice weekly. She also has quite a large Instagram account. She also does regular giveaways to her followers on social media.


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