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Transformers 5 May Be On Its Way


Despite the lackluster success of Transformers 4, when compared to Tom Rothman and the first three movies, it looks like we may be getting another Transformer movie. Even though Transformers: AGe Of Extinction did not have the same success as the rest of the franchise in the United States, it still brought home $1 billion world wide. Age of Extinction actually ended up being the second most successful film in the Transformers franchise, if you can imagine that. Paramount looks to continue to cash in on this money maker.

Even if the audience in the United States has become a little worn out on the whole Transformers thing, it is only gaining popularity around the world.

In order to continue this successful franchise, Paramount is trying to connivence Michael Bay to stick around a do another film.

It does look like we can count on Mark Wahlberg to reprise his role as the new star of the Transformers series. He recently told MTV that he would do a “couple more”, so it is possible that a Transformers 5, 6, maybe 7 is in our future? As long as Paramount keeps making money off the movies and has a name as big as Mark Wahlberg committed to the franchise, expect more Transformers in the future, with or without Michael Bay.

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  1. Stephanie Elliot

    Bay has expressed that he is ready to move on from the franchise. However, it does not look like the franchise is ready to move on from him just yet. With numbers like that, it is no wonder a 5th Transformers movie is in the works. The things best essay has done will be continued to remembered by folks like me in the near future.

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