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Karl Heideck on the car seat laws in Pennsylvania


Karl Heideck is one of the lawyers who takes his time to write thoroughly researched articles about the law and legislation in the state of Pennsylvania. One of his recent pieces has been about a law that has been passed by legislators in the state that recommends that car seats for children be modified in a particular way. This is legislation that has been passed after a public outcry on the number of children deaths that are associated with then car accidents in the state. The legislators in the state decided to take precautionary measure that would ensure the little ones were protected from unnecessary death and injuries.

As one of the measures the legislators decided to take is to control the way children sit while in a car. They recommended that for children who are less than two years, their seats should be facing towards the rear of the car. They should also be fastened to these seats to make sure that they are safe enough. For children of two years and below, their bones are fragile and can easily break even in minor accidents. The research was conducted that showed that, while children are facing towards the rear of the car, it is much harder for them to break their bones.

The law which was passed in August 2016 is now in full application after the grace period of one year that had been allocated was finished in August 2017. It is now mandatory of law enforcers to charge any car driver who has not complied with this directive. Car owners and drivers who have not complied with the law are to be charged an amount of $125.

The law does not stop at the two years old; it also recommends that any child below eight years to have a boost seat. For this category, however, there are exceptions for children who weigh more than 80 pounds and those who are taller than 4’9. For car owners and drivers who do not adhere to this law, they are to be charged $75.

The state hopes that with the new law, the number of cases will drop significantly. Karl helideck argues that law will be good for the people as it will protect the lives of the little ones who cannot defend themselves.

Karl Heideck is a lawyer and has been taking time to inform the public about the laws that are passed and what they demand from the citizenry.

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