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Solo Capital is The Latest Step In The Career Of Sanjay Shah


The former London trader Sanjay Shah seems to always be looking to develop his skills to become the best they could possible be in a range of different areas, which has seen him conquer the London financial markets, boutique financial services, and in recent years the best in philanthropic giving. Sanjay Shah enstablished his own Solo Capital brand after spending a number of years as a broker on the London markets, but this was not the first time Shah has looked to change career focus as he seeks to find the best life for both himself and his family. Shah was originally a medical student studying in london, U.K. before finding his true career love as a financial expert.

The establishment of Solo Capital came about after Shah had seen the problems caused on the markets by the 2008 economic slowdown. Sanjay Shah was facing a career that would take him away from his young family because of long hours and the hours of research he would have had to continue as a broker in the City; Shah took a chance to follow a different path as the founder of Solo Capital, which offers a range of boutique services to clients in countries around the world.

Solo Capital has continued to grow from its base in London to open offices close to the home of Sanjay Shah in Dubai. The growth of Solo Capital has been just one success for Shah, who has also sought to extend his philanthropic work with his own Autism Rocks charity that looks to fund research into the neurological condition through Cambridge University.

The life of Sanjay Shah has taken many twists and turns over the years and has continued to grow in ways that the financial expert himself had not considered throughout his life. By growing Austism Rocks into one of the most important autism charities in the world Shah continues to be an important figure across many different areas of life.


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