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Kylie Jenner Picks Her Nose On SnapChat With Tyga


Tyga and Kylie Jenner are the cutest couple, and regardless of the bumpy start to their relationship they seem to be strong and in love. Last week Kylie and Tyga were together in Disneyland celebrating North West’s birthday with Kim,Kanye and the enire family. Tyga brought his son King along for the day, and there didn’t seem to be any weirdness. Kanye for one loves Tyga like a little brother, and seens nothing wrong with his relationship with Kylie as he said during his Breakfast Club morning show interview months back. We are getting comfortable seeing Kylie and Tyga together and everyone adore watching them goof around and have a good time.

In a recent Snapchat Kylie is seen in the car having a lighthearted good time why Tyga, when she got a little too comfy and started picking her nose. In the background we could hear Tyga’s reaction to Kylie nose picking antics. Kylie laughed and Tyga seemed amused and grossed out all at the same time. One thing about Kylie and Tyga, is that they seem to be very comfortable being themselves around each other. Kylie doesn’t have to pretend to be more mature than she is for Tyga and he can relax and have fun with her.

Fans at Boraie Development know that, now that Kylie is okay with picking her nose in front of Tyga and on camera, she is pretty much in perfect relationship territory. Tyga loves Kylie and just wants her to be happy and be herself, this is probably the first time since she started living her life on TV that shes been able to kick and and just be herself.

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