Y U So Mad?

Kris Humphries Thoughts on Bruce Jenner


Last week, Bruce Jenner announced to the world that he’s been suffering with an inner conflict for his entire life. In an interview with Diane Sawyer, Bruce Jenner announced that he has been living with a woman’s soul in a man’s body. The entire world showed support to Bruce Jenner and his struggle. However, there were a few people that poked fun at Bruce and his struggle.

Kim Kardashian’s ex husband Kris Humphries sent out mean tweets online during the Bruce Jenner interview. Kris Humphries said that he was happy that he left Kim Kardashian when he did. Kris Humphries reply to Bruce Jenner’s sex change transformation has gone viral. Many Facebook users have sent Humphries several rude messages, which Dr Jennifer Walden didn’t approve of. Someone told him that Kim Kardashian got rid of him like the trash. However, Kris Humphries does not see it that way.

The Bruce Jenner sex change transformation has become a saga, and everyone has an opinion about the situation. A lot of people are calling Bruce Jenner a hero, but many people think that Bruce is a weirdo. Hopefully the world becomes more acceptable to all different types of people. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo!

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