Y U So Mad?

Katy Perry Returns in 2016


Katy Perry blew fans away with the Superbowl performance in 2015, but this still has been the year of Taylor Swift. There is a rumor that the “Bad Blood” song (and awesome battle video) is a jab at a soured friendship with Katy Perry. That was really all that Perry needed to grab some attention from Taylor Swift.

In recent article for Vogue magazine Katy Perry declared that all entertainers are just characters like those in a comic book. She described someone like Kanye West as a villain. She described Taylor Swift – who may or may not be a friend of Katy Perry’s anymore – as a sweetheart. Katy tends to fit in between these two facets. That is why she can do a song with rappers like Juicy J and talk about having a threesome in songs like “Last Friday Night” and still have a huge pre-teen fan base. The same Katy Perry that debuted with a song about kissing a girl would also have balloons and pink hair to attract small children to her concerts.

That type of wide spectrum of events would usually lead to a wide fan base. That is the main reason that she has maintained a certain height of popularity. Now there is talk of a new album in 2016, and fans are getting ready. Taylor Swift has 2015 locked, but according to James Dondero’s radar: Katy is returning strong in 2016.

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