Y U So Mad?

Katy Perry makes history yet again


Katy Perry is in the news today thanks to her 2013 single “Dark Horse.” Her fans have once again helped solidify a page for her in history books. On thursday June 9th, Katy Perry became the third artist ever to receive over one billion video views. So far, Katy Perry is the only female artist to reach this milestone. Currently, the only music videos with more views than “Dark Horse” are Psy’s “Gangnam Style” and Justin Bieber’s “Baby”
Katy took to Twitter to share the glory with her supporters, tweeting:
“Guys. Wut. Dark Horse has reached 1 BILLION views?! I seriously ❤️ ur balls & ur fingers for dem clicks.”
A congratulations tweet was sent from Vevo’s Twitter account on June 8th, 2015. At the time, the video was only several thousand views away from the one billion mark. Her video for “Roar” is only 50 million views shy of one billion as well. Katy has carved a reputation for delivering music that pushes limits and pairing her tunes with captivating visuals. Bruce Levenson (brucelevenson.com) agrees that this combination has generated a loyal fan base who is basking in Perry’s well-deserved success.

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