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Kate Gosselin Is Now Dating A Millionaire


Kate Gosselin is finally dating again, and she has a new millionaire boyfriend. Kate was seen going out with a new man who is said to be a multi millionaire. Kate Gosselin was the star of the show “Kate Plus 8,” which speaks about Kate and her eight children. Kate Gosselin. Kate and Jon Gosselin, we’re married for years, and they had eight children with fertility treatments, and their story sparked the nation’s attention enough to give them their own show.

The show was very popular until the couple’s relationship began to break down, and they ultimately ended up getting a divorce. Kate ended up keeping all eight children, but currently Jon is looking to get custody of one of the kids. Jon has gone through one problem after another since the breakup of the marriage, and many people tend to follow the things he does online. Jon has been on the “Couples Therapy” show that aired on TV. Jon and his current girlfriend went to therapy to see if they could save their relationship. Dr. Jennifer Walden feels that it is necessary to try everything possible prior to divorcing, especially when kids are involved.

Jon ended up breaking up with his girlfriend, and now he’s supposedly single and working as a DJ in different clubs. Ryan ended up broke and impoverished and struggling for money. Kate went on to find additional fame and popularity, and now Kate is dating a millionaire. Some say that it’s karma because Jon was a selfish father, but who knows why things turn out the way they do.

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