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Joss Whedon Is Under Fire Yet Again


It is well-known among Joss Whedon’s fans and critics alike that the popular writer and director of many movies and television shows is prone to “borrowing” characters and ideas from all forms of entertainment going back more than a thousand years. In fact, Whedon’s use of stories and characters from pre-TV and film days without acknowledging the sources of his idea was one of the biggest complaints during the run of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Recently, Whedon has been facing additional accusations about Cabin in the Woods.

Now, Reddit users are discussing the similarities, sometimes scene-for-scene, between The Avengers and a 1987 superhero action film called Masters of the Universe. YouTube user “Couch Tomato” posted a video comparison called “24 Reasons Avengers & Masters of the Universe Are The Same Movie.”

James Dondero and others wonder what the most glaring similarities are.

Beyond scenes that look almost identical, Couch Tomato pointed out that the story is also almost identical in regards to how the journey of the heroes progresses and the ways in which the bad guys react. There is also similar opening sequence narrations which introduce armies of bad guys in space and hidden leaders wearing similar costumes. Even more glaring is the how the characters are similar in appearance and characterizations. Shared scenes include an explanation of a trigger device that sets the plot into motion, portals to Earth and flying armies that arrive through wormholes.

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