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InnovaCare Health: Taking Care of Patients


For years, people have been trying to improve the current healthcare environment. There are so many problems clogging the current system that it’s nearly impossible for average people to get the quality medical care they desperately need. While healthcare has become a hot issue for politics to argue over, millions of people continue to suffer.So what can be done about the current healthcare environment? For a start, more healthcare management companies need to focus on patients rather than profits. That’s not to say that there aren’t some companies who truly care about their patients; it’s just that there’s a big difference before those who own the company and those who operate it.

That’s something that InnovaCare figured out a long time ago. Shortly after being founded, InnovaCare stakeholders realized that they must hold themselves accountable. That’s why they have set such high standards of transparency and quality for themselves.For everyone at InnovaCare, from physicians to board members, trust between patients and provider is the most important goal. Everything that InnovaCare does is for their patient’s health. All of their medical practices are driven by quality care by Rick Shinto, efficiency, and sustainability. Much of their efforts go toward created new, more cost-effective managed care models.One person helping to create those better models is Penelope Kokkinides. Since 2015, Kokkinides has served as Chief Administrative Officer. She’s more than qualified to create new models and health care operations for InnovaCare. She has over 20 experience and expertise in developing clinical programs and working with government programs like Medicare.

She’s also familiar with how InnovaCare likes to get things done. Joining the company in 2015 was her second time working for the company. Before leaving, she served as COO. Now that she’s returned, she focused on improving efficiencies.The most impressive contributor to InnovaCare is the President and CEO of the company, Dr. Richard Shinto. Thanks to Dr. Shinto, InnovaCare is the largest provider of managed care in Puerto Rico. Dr. Shinto also brings over 20 years of experience in clinical and operational healthcare to the table. He even served on some management teams for Aveta.Perhaps the most impressive trait of Dr. Shinto’s is his commitment to his patients. While leading InnovaCare, he continues to practice as an internist and pulmonologist in Southern California.

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