Y U So Mad?

Get Unicorn Hair Color Glam


A few years back, the cosmetics world was full of major corporate beauty companies that came at the industry with heavily marketed beauty products that all had a sameness to them. The ideas ranged from lipsticks that were either various variations on red, or neutrals that ranged from beige to light beige to brown.

The Lime Crime Difference

Women bought these products and wore them, but the truth is there was obviously a place in the market for something really bold and really different. Then Lime Crime came along, with its bold and bright, rock and roll style lipsticks and eye colors, and turned the beauty world upside down.

Now LimeCrime, which was launched by an adventurous Internet entrepreneur named Doe Deere, is making even more innovations in the beauty world, with the company’s new line of Unicorn Hair Colors. These gorgeous semi-permanent hair colors were first introduced last April, and the first colors were light and bright and exciting. These first shades ranged from mauve to minty green and everything in between. The company’s customers responded enthusiastically, and now LimeCrime is coming out with even more color innovations.

Dark, Goth New Hair Color Shades

The new shades of hair color in the Unicorn line are meant for dark brunette hair. These shades give dark hair a glossy and intense look that’s absolutely head turning. The shades range from Chestnut (a dark maroon) to Squid (deep purple), Charcoal (soft gray) to Sea Witch (a deep sea green). These colors have a lot of impact, plus they are 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free, so you can feel good about your color, even as you are turning plenty of heads.

Why not get a little more glam, and go for hair color that heightens the look of those incredible Lime Crime lipsticks and eye shadows? Why be boring? Be fabulous the whole way, with the new shades from The Unicorn Hair Color line.

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