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End Citizens United Protesting Strongly Against the United States Campaign Finance Rules


The United States is the most developed nation in the world and is a leader in many different fields, whether it is finance, technology, infrastructure, defense, and so on. However, when it comes to corruption, the state of affairs in the country is no different than any other lesser developed countries. The rich are getting richer, and the poor continue to suffer. Years after years, elections are happening, and the people elect new political candidates with the hope that things would change for them for better, but nothing happens, and the cycle continues. It has led to the elections losing its essence, but the hope is a good thing, and it keeps people, and the country gets united at the time of election with the desire to choose a better leader. However, little do they know that the polls are more or less rigged and controlled by wealthy corporations and individuals.

The End Citizens United is the most vocal political action committee in this matter and has been protesting how the elections are funded since 2015 when it was established. The End Citizens United’s primary aim is to overturn the verdict of the Supreme Court that it made in the year 2010 in the case of FEC Vs. Citizens United. The End Citizens United feels that the campaign finance rules should be reformed to bring in more transparency and allow the people to participate in the elections in an accountable manner. Currently, the system that governs the election is very biased and allows the wealthy individuals and corporations to control the outcome in one way or the other. It is not a fight against one political party with the other, but between which side is better funded and has a fancier election campaign.

The decision of Supreme Court in 2010 has made way for the rich and the affluent people and corporations to fund the elections the way they want without any constitutional blockage in the way. It meant the corporations could put in an unlimited amount of money in the election without any restrictions. It has given the means for these companies to control the government that comes to power as the political candidates are then under the favor of the companies who funded their elections. It means that the political candidates have a favor to make to these organizations and they become their top priority and not the everyday people, who form the majority of the country’s population. It is for this very reason the End Citizens United has been protesting against the current campaign finance rules and wants to transform it to ensure that people’s voice is heard and acted upon. Everyday people completely fund the End Citizen United on the other hand and its accounts are transparently maintained.

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