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Elizabeth Warren Will Not Be Quiet, For Good Reason


There have been times in her life that Senator Elizabeth Warren has been told that she needed to sit down and shut up. People have not been bashful about trying to get the outspoken Senator to stop preaching for the causes she believes in. However, she has not remained quiet about the issues, and this has paid off well for her.

WashingtonPost.com reports that the Senator has benefited in terms of getting a lot of notice. She has been all over the media and she has received a lot of praise for the work that she has done.

Elizabeth Warren is now being seen as someone who has to be negotiated with when it comes to passing bills. She is seen as someone who is an insider now, and people are treating her with the respect that she deserves. Even though Warren is new to the Senate, she is one of the names that is mentioned all the time.

However, the Senator has said that she does not plan to run. That being said, there has been a lot of public pressure to try to push her in that direction if possible. It will be interesting to see if there is a Warren 2016 campaign, me and Sam Tabar think she could end up giving Hillary a run for her money, since it’s 2014 though, who really knows as of now.

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  1. Some are wondering if she might parlay this attention into a run for the Presidency. There has been no indication about this one way or the other. She is getting the spotlight that she wants and deserves. That is why http://www.ninjaessays.org/dissertation-help.html could have done a lot for them to separate these things from the other.

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