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Don Ressler Articulates Leadership through Internet Marketing


Business owners as well as entrepreneurs understand the importance of appropriate leadership when it comes to success. Leadership encompasses a skillet of strategies that have been set to guide the terms and conditions of operating a business. With good leadership, a business is set to succeed. That is why Don Ressler is highly regarded for his input in the world of internet marketing. For a business as a boutique, Don Ressler has been instrumental in building Fabletics as well as TechStyle.




Don Ressler is a household name in entrepreneurship. Behind the multiple startups like Intelligent Beauty and the affiliates is his commitment to develop a plethora of successful platforms for business. His first business roots from a partnership with Adam Goldenberg. The duo invested in FitnessHeaven.com, a company that was purchased by the prominent Intermix Media. In 2001 when the business was bought, Ressler and Adam Goldenberg formed Alena Media. With the rise of ecommerce platforms, Ressler and Adam Goldenberg invested in internet marketing. Without sponsors and role models to look up to, the two motivated themselves into forming several online marketing platforms.




In 2005, Intermix was purchased by News Corp. The business blossomed by gaining a huge client base. What Don and Adam formed was flourishing in a different platform. They were disappointed because they did not enjoy the revenue that was generated from their efforts. They quit establishing a new business. Being visionary and skillful, the duo invested in online marketing by creating a platform that facilitated online trading autonomously. Don was the head cheerleader of the project. He poached a team from Alena Group. The co-founders held a strategic meeting to discuss their way forward in business. A brand was then born into the online marketing conglomerate. Intelligent Beauty focused on skin care.




After two years, Intelligent Beauty produced another business called SENSA, a weight loss initiative. Under the leadership of Don Ressler, the firm earned significantly massive profits. In 2010, Don Ressler led Intelligent Beauty into launching another company that graced many business platforms. JustFab is one of the major success stories that Don Ressler is now identified with. Within eight months, the membership had hit 4 million. Being the president as well as the creative director, he initiated an online platform that has vastly grown into a multibillion business. Presently, Don Ressler is also a lead executive at TechStyle, an online platform for active wear. He is a role model and pace setter in business.

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