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Discover the Achievements of Adam Milstein


Adam Milstein performs his duties as a specialist in real estate and also in philanthropy. He works as a partner in Hager Pacific. Together with his wife, they have managed to launch the Milstein Foundation. This achievement was actualized in 2000.


Milstein was born and raised in Israel. His father, Hillel Milstein, performed his work in Israel as a developer of real estate. Because it is mandatory for a person to serve in Israel’s defense forces after school, Milstein registered and served successfully served his term. After finishing, he enrolled in the Technion, where he managed to obtain a qualification of degree in business administration.


While he was studying, he used to assist his parents in the expansion of the real estate enterprise. This made him knowledgeable in property matters.


In 1974, Milstein got married to Gila. Soon after the event, the family shifted to the United States. While there, he enrolled in a university and managed to graduate with a master’s degree in the administration of the business. This boosted his skills while working as an expert in the commercial estate.


Milstein has been categorized as one of the foremost influencers of Do-Gooders. His philanthropic activities have been recognized globally, and he is listed among the top contributors.


In the list of top contributors, he is No. 187. The list is dependent on his Twitter and Facebook accounts. Milstein also works as a co-founder of the American-Israeli council. He is the leader of various modern Jewish organizations such as the campus coalitions, AIPAC and StandWithUs.


Some of the influential figures who have made it into the list include Elon Musk, Melinda Gates, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Michelle Obama, Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton.


AdamMilstein highly values philanthropy, and he regards the activity as one of the most important things in his life. His inclusion on the list was a memorable occasion for him.


He has founded the Milstein Foundation with his wife. The organization’s purpose is to administer help to the Israel nation and also strengthen the bond among the Jewish people. The organization has funded many projects that have had a positive impact on the lives of the citizens.


The Jewish people are strengthened through the provision of knowledge and expertise in numerous areas. The experience makes it easier for the Jewish people to continue advocating for the welfare of the Israel nation.




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