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EOS vegan Lip Balm Reception in the Market (GACHAU)


A decade ago lip balm was stocked in cylindrical tube in significant outlets however some few years ago a brand introduced itself in the cosmetic industry. EOS (Evolution Of Smooth) started to spread their wings, the name has its unique flavors of Honeydew and Grapefruit, from stores to celebrity such as Kim Kardashian the product was everywhere, shop here. According to research by Kline, the company sells about 1 million units in a week and thus becoming the second bestselling brand in the lip balm business.

Sajiv Mehra, one of the co-founders of EOS, explains that before getting into the lip balm business they had several startups. Sajiv had worked with companies like PepsiCo and Unilever in the startup incubators. Therefore, they had experience in picking a suitable brand. Through the collaboration with Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubinsky they carried out an in-depth research in the market and found that like toothpaste which was considered to be unisex, lip balm fell in the same category. The demand for lip balm by women was overwhelming as per their research .majority of the users lost their lip balms in their purses, and it was unhygienic to apply it with fingers, and thus they had to recreate a quality brand. They had to create a name that would stand the test of time. They came up with a lip balm that stimulated all the five senses, through smell, the color of the orbs, flavoring and the soft feel on he hands. Find out more exclusive updates here on evolutionofsmooth.com.

The brand developed a clear vegan flavor lip balm, which is organic. The name became an instant impact in the market due to its pocket friendliness, retailing at $5.49, refer also here at amazon.de. The two brand Hibiscus peach and Vanilla Orchid flavors have constituents such as Shea butter, natural oils and wax free. The vegan flavors have peaked regarding sales, celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus who have a vast following have fanned the deals, as well as an appearance in fashion magazines. The lip balms contain jojoba oil and antioxidant vitamin E which provide the soft, smooth feel on the lips.

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