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Helane Morrison Bringing a Fair and Just Environment for Financial Investors


Helane Morrison serves as a perfect model example to women who aspire to bring change in their societies all across the globe. Over the years, Morrison has brought tremendous change both in the financial sector and the legal system. She currently serves as General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer and Managing Director of Hall Capital Partners situated in San Francisco. The firm is among the most successful investment companies in California and is run entirely by women. Before joining the illustrious firm in 2007, she served as the head of the Securities Exchange Commission in San Francisco for eight years. This was a role she was bestowed upon after serving as the head of enforcement for San Francisco’s SEC office for three years.

Much of Helane’s success can be attributed to her rich educational background which began when she pursed her Degree in Journalism from the Northwest University in Chicago. Morrison discovered her journalistic aspirations while at the University of California at Berkley, School of law. She was able to attain her Doctor of Law Degree while serving as the editor in Chief of the California Law Review.

Morrison’s career as a lawyer began by working for reputable names such as the Hon. Richard Posen of the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh District and the Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun. Her first law firm to work with, however, was Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. Her remarkable work ethics elevated her to partner in 1991, whereby she focused her efforts in business litigation and defense of private securities actions in matters involving the SEC.

Despite her soaring career in law, her intentions in joining Hall Capital Partners were not solely for profit. Apart from the intrigue with the company’s diverse leadership culture, she was determined to restore investors’ faith in financial markets, especially after the 2007-2008 market crash. Having established a good rapport with the government and journalistic sector, she incorporates the power she holds and her persistent drive to fight all forms of corruption in the financial sector.

Morrison, over her 30 years of service, has fought tirelessly fair and ethical businesses practices by working against individuals who take advantage of people who find themselves victims of devastating economic circumstances. A perfect example, during the 2007 financial crisis, is the numerous institutions that found themselves at the mercy of government bailouts in view of the harsh economic circumstances.

Through her cause in creating a fair and just environment for investors in the financial markets, she demonstrates commendable ethics and upright moral values. Helane Morrison‘s fight is not only for those who are taken advantage of, but also to exercise the full arm of the law on those who use power and influence for individual profit.

Closer SEC Inspection for CCOs including Helane Morrison


CCO groups stated that members were feeling vulnerable, and they’re expecting more inspections in 2016. SEC officials have not said anything about how they view CCO at money management firms yet. However, more scrutiny means that there might be some changes in the role of compliance officers. Today, we will be looking more closely at CCO groups and in particular, Helane Morrison.

Past Cases

Back in April, the SEC officials charged BLK Advisers LLC compliance officer who did not have policies for the outside activities of employees. This same advisor also failed to disclose the business interest of a top-performing portfolio manager. In June, SEC charged SFX Financial Advisory Management Enterprises and its CCO because they failed to implement some policies, filling a misstatement in a form as well as failing to do an annual review. Both cases were settled out of court for cash settlements.

Policies and Enforcement

There are more than 8,000 enforcement actions done since 2003, and only five were against individuals who have the title of CCO. The SEC enforcement director stated that they always try to be fair and every case; they only charged CCOs who have crossed a clear line. CCOs are going to be watched all time. This is why it is important to choose the best person available to the chief compliance officers; it is a very important job.

Hall Capital’s CCO

Helane Morrison is the CCO, General Counsel and Managing Director of Hall Capital Partners LLC. She is one of the best CCOs out there because before, she was the head of SEC’s San Francisco Office from 1999 until 2007. In 1996 until 1999, Morrison was the head of enforcement for the San Francisco SEC Office. Before 1996, she was a lawyer who sometimes represented clients who are sued by the SEC itself.

Morrison is also a speaker on topics like legal issues and compliances that affects investment advisers. She graduated from the University of California that is located in Berkeley. Morrison’s past experiences guarantees that she will do a excellent job as a CCO with a bright future ahead of her. You can keep up with Helane on her LinkedIn and Crunchbase profiles.


Some people are worried that the scrutiny of CCOs can backfire to the agency. The amount of compliance professionals might decrease, and problems could go unchecked. SEC proposed a program that requires a third-party review for money managers. The scrutiny of CCOs is the reason why only the best like Helane Morrison should be chosen as CCO to prevent troubles.