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Most Edited Wikipedia Articles for the Year 2016


Recently, Wikipedia revealed the most edited articles for the year 2016. Some of them were unsurprising like Orlando nightclubs shooting, Brexit, and a few controversial topics. However, the inclusion of some articles was surprisingly as well as mysterious. These articles included Beverley Gray which is a fictional character, RuPaul’s Drag Race, 26 mystery stories especially the subject area. An article which was edited over thousands of time was the Vincent Van Gogh. The reason behind so much editing was the editors seeking to clarify the misunderstanding they caused about the artist to achieve the featured status.

Deaths in 2016 was another most edited articles that were edited over two-hundred times. Several famous people died in 2016 which included Prince, John Glenn, Muhammad Ali, Fidel Castro, Leonard Cohen, Gwen Ifill, Janet Reno, and David Bowie. The article about Donald Trump was edited almost nine thousand times by December. It is possible that Trump’s Wikipedia page will face more scrutiny in case more history is added. The Wikipedia page of George W. Bush had the most Wikipedia revisions which were almost forty-six thousand in number. It is the most edits of an article in English according to the history of Wikipedia website. Due to the changes occurring in this modern era, the job of a Wikipedia editor has become very important. A big problem is a practice of spreading wrong information through the fake news. Many times fake news was entered on Wikipedia website. Just in the first two weeks of last December, there were over one thousand Wikipedia edits due to fake news.

There are several benefits of having a Wikipedia page. Individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations, and many other entities can gain a lot by having their Wikipedia page. The right way to have a Wikipedia page is to hire a Wikipedia editor. It is not something that anyone can do. A Wikipedia page must be written according to the website’s manual. The article must be properly formatted and supported by reliable references. Such a page will serve as a historical report about one’s business which is comprehensive and reliable.

Wikipedia is the most visited website, and having a page here means having a precious digital asset. Google populates its knowledge graphs using the information present on Wikipedia. As a result, the website ranks quite higher in search results. As Wikipedia is an open-source website, anyone is allowed to edit a Wikipedia page. Most of the times, the edits are based on good intentions. However, there is a chance a malicious edit might occur which can cause great damage to one’s reputation or company. Hiring a Wikipedia editor will solve this problem. The editor will keep monitoring and ensuring that every edit of the page contains accurate information.

Wikipedia Writing For Business Owners: Hire Get Your Wiki Writers


Wikipedia is a wonderful online resource that provides detailed information of scores of different topics. Virtually anything and everything under the sun is covered on Wikipedia. Most interestingly, Wikipedia is community written and edited. The people who run Wikipedia do not hire professional writers to produce content. Ironically, hiring Wikipedia writers is what those who run a business should do when they are wish to publish an effective Wikipedia page.

Wikipedia is not a directory for commercially-driven articles. Honestly, the search engines would never support Wikipedia with high rankings in the results if the online encyclopedia was shilling for companies. The integrity of the content of the site is what allows it to thrive online. This doesn’t mean businesses, entrepreneurs, or other commercial entities are barred from publishing a Wikipedia page. Famous businesses and business persons are the subject of many Wiki entries.

In order for the page to be allowed to remain online, however, the work must not be promotional or commercial in nature. Historical and factual text is perfectly acceptable. This text, upon being indexed by the search engines, then serves promotional benefits to the business being written about. The key here is the writing has to fit into the rules of the site. If not, then the material is rife for re-editing or, worse, removal.

Working with a professional Wikipedia writing service ensures the writing and editing decisions are within the hands of the client. Rather than wonder whether or not the rules are being followed, it would be better to simply ask a solid professional Wikipedia writing service to make a Wikipedia page. Professional Wikipedia writers are prone to producing content that fails to meet the online encyclopedia’s rules and requirements. When the client has business purposes in mind, the writers walk a fine line highlighting traits customers find appealing while avoiding being too promotional.

The quality of the writing is going to be more than acceptable. Writers who are continually crafting content for the site know what reads well and what is engaging. The content they produce is going to be far from dull and is designed to grab visitors landing on the page. Businesses definitely are going to get good results from expertly crafted writing.

Get Your Wiki is one writing service worth considering by businesses interested in publishing a solid page. Get Your Wiki has produced a great deal of content for businesses and does so while meeting Wikipedia’s strict and high standards.