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Academy Of Art University Puts on a Show


It is at the New York Fashion Week that the new names get a platform for their launch and coming into the limelight. Discovering a great talent is rare. The School of Fashion is a part of the Academy of Art University. It is holding its 21st show on the runway. This will be on September 9, 2017. It is being held at Skylight Clarkson Square. There will be collections being showcased by ten BFA and MFA graduates. Five collections of women’s’ wear and two of menswear will be showcased at this event.

The Executive Director of the School of Fashion has said that there will be a collective spirit on display here, but each collection will be different. These designers come from diverse backgrounds. They come from mainland China and go right up to coastal Maine. Hence there would be a wide range of ideas, as well as craftsmanship techniques. This highly impressed the audience, which included Ms. J Alexander from America’s Next Top Model besides Sara Kozlowski, who is the Director of Education and Professional Development at CFDA. So many classes, and workshops, besides internships, last-minute hassles and non-stop hours of labor lead to just 15 minutes on the runway. These designers presented their views on the future of fashion to their peers, and their potential career mentors and even the entire world.

All these designers will inspire as well as lead the next generation. There were several favorite looks. One of these was by Hailun Zhou. She is from MFA Fashion Design, located in Qing Dao, China. Her inspiration is her observations as well as the personal photographs she had taken on a day’s journey that was for a concept class. This inspiration led to outerwear, separates as well as dresses. These were made of vinyl and PVC. She has also used fabrics made by fusing together different materials. Zhou was selected in 2017 for the Fashion Future Graduate Showcase organized by CFDA.

Check out the Academy’s Auto Design Museum and follow them on Twitter at @academy_of_art.

Press Release About Cancer Treatment Centers Of America


Cancer Treatment Centers of America is an organization which aims at attending to patients ailing from cancer in the United States of America. It has its current headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida after shifting its headquarters from Schaumburg, Illinois. CTCA uses methods like surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and immunotherapy when taking care of cancer. Its foundation was through Richard J Stephenson who was not happy with the services that his mother received when she was ailing from cancer, and therefore he decided to open the first CTCA hospital in the year 1998.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America achieves high patients’ satisfaction regarding their services. Four of the CTCA hospitals have earned fantastic ratings and recognition by the Medicare services in America and also the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers. These CTCA hospitals include Eastern, Midwestern, Southeastern, and Southwestern.

There is a press release concerning the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Clinical Pathways consolidates every recent cancer research, treatment exercises and recommended therapies into the Allscripts Sunrise EHR, which enables the cancer specialists to have knowledge on the kind of care and also ways of taking care of cancer patients. Clinical Pathways has improved openness and quality at the point of care by helping patients to have freedom of expressions concerning the kind of treatments that they receive. Confidence is built on patients as they can freely discuss with their clinical teams on the kind and importance of therapy they receive.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America, together with the Allscripts and NantHealth started a project together in 2016. According to Paul Black, CEO Allscripts, the project aims at achieving mutual benefits by both patients and the clinical capabilities. Chemotherapy and ordering process has been improved through continuous clinical analysis and careful medical procedures and therefore enhancing the quality of CTCA to its patients.

President and CEO of NexBank Gives a Speech During the Annual Strategic Opportunities Conference


John Holt serves as the Chief Executive Officer and President of NexBank Capital, Inc. John Holt was among the speakers/panelists at the Texas Bankers Association’s fifth Annual Strategic Opportunities Conference. The event took place on November 7, 2016 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Discussions at the Event

During the event, the panelists discussed and evaluate the challenges facing the community banking. The conference also served as a forum for bank leaders, advisers and consultants to share their viewpoints on those challenges facing bank leaders.

As one of the market leaders in the banking sector, John Holt mentioned that NexBank has been taking various steps in enhancements of community banking. In addition, he stated that Nexbank had acquired a college savings bank to help parents plan for their children’s college education. The other initiative undertaken by the bank is the provision of funds to companies that offer mortgages to less privileged people from Texas.

About NexBank

NexBank Capital, Inc is a reputable financial service firm that offers commercial banking, institutional services and mortgage banking. The bank is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and it is currently ranked as the 14th largest bank in Texas. Nexbank is ranked as the 215th largest bank worldwide with 88 employees. The company operates in 4 locations and the executive management team consists of competent financial experts/professionals who are ready and willing to serve clients.

A majority of NedBank’s customer base are mainly public corporations,institutional clients as well as organizations offering financial services. Apart from that, Nexbank also offers tailor-made banking and financial services to real estate investors, large corporations as well as middle-market companies. Under the leadership of Mr. Holt, Nexbank has demonstrated high-performance innovations and solutions that meet individual needs. As of 2016, the bank has a large asset base with revenue turnover of approximately 4.6 billion dollars.

Cassio Audi’s Early Music Career


The early life of Cassio Audi was filled with a lot of excitement and fun. When still a youth, he had a chance to have a successful career in music in a high-ranking rock band. Cassio Audi met Felipe Machado, Andre Machado, Yves Passarel and Pit Paddarel and agreed to form a rock band. By 1985, their rock band was already influential in the industry. Cassio Audi was the band’s drummer a role he took very seriously. He performed outstandingly in all their events, and this made him the people’s favorite. He became a respected and the most sort after member of the band for his prowess in drum sets. According to Cassio Audi, the band drew its inspiration and motivation from Iron Maiden, a well known heavy metal music band.

The band’s first successful album went by the name of The Killer Sword and was released in 1987. It received lots of attention particularly among younger people immediately it hit the market. The album contained a number of trucks, which were all hits. Some remarkable tracks in the album included Killera, Princes from Hell, and Nightmare. A few years later, the band released Soldiers of Sunrise, where Cassio Audi proved his proficiency in drum sets. Although some members of the society criticized the band’s kind of music, it was clear that the team was headed for much success.

Due to their contributions in the music industry and achievements, the band members received a lot of awards. Cassio Audi decided to ditch his music career in 1989 for greener pastures after which his band members released a second album called Theater of Fate. Afterward, Cassio Audi joined University and graduated with a degree in Business Administration. Years later, he joined the University of Sao Paulo for his MBA.

What is ClassDojo?


ClassDojo is a fun and interactive way to connect parents and teachers. ClassDojo is an app that can be downloaded to any smartphone or tablet. Once downloaded, this app will ask for a parent code, which is only available from your child’s school to ensure the safety of your child. Once set up of this app is complete, parents will have complete access to all your child’s teachers Dean and Principle. Parents will be able to send and receive important messages pertaining to their children with ease, track progress, receive weekly reports, grades and fun photos from your child’s school or classroom can be captured and posted for parents to like and leave friendly comments on. The Class Dojo app is very user friendly and very easy to use. Parents can also set up the app to receive instant notifications from all the of the apps features which include: Stories, Kids and Messages. The ClassDojo app has made accessing your child’s education and progress fun and easy and in the palm of your hand. Parents are now able to get many questions answered in one simple step, anything from asking your child’s teachers about snacks for the classrooms next upcoming party to questions you may have about a weekly or progress report having to do with your child’s education. ClassDojo does not replace progress reports or report cards that your child brings home from school as those documents must be signed and returned to their teacher. So ask your child’s teacher about a Parents Code so you too can get connected to your child’s education. Download ClassDojo in the app store today.

EOS Lip Balm: Incredibly Smooth Lips, Unbelievably Sensational Flavors


EOS stands for evolution of smooth, and their lines of skin beautifying products speak for themselves. EOS lip balm is a fantastic choice if you are looking for extremely smooth and soft lips. It also comes in a variety of fantastic flavors and formulas. Find Finding the perfect lip balm for you is easy with so many great options available, jump over this site. Below are some of smoothing lip balms that EOS makes available to shoppers.


The Organic Smooth Sphere Collection

The EOS Organic Smooth Sphere collection is completely natural and paraben free line of lip balms. They are packed with antioxidant rich ingredients like shea butter, vitamin E, jojoba oil, and all natural flavors. The EOS smooth sphere collection comes is the widest range of flavors of all of the lip balm formulas that EOS crafts. This line comes in flavors like: Passion Fruit, Blueberry Acai, Strawberry Sorbet, Pomegranate Raspberry, Summerfruit, Sweet Mint, and Honeysuckle Honeydew, check them out here on kohls.com. Any of these tantalizing flavors are sure to satisfy your lip moisturizing needs and delight you with their entirely organic smoothness.


Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres

Make heads turn with visibly soft and silky lips. The sweet smooth Visibly Soft EOS lip balm flavors are: Vanilla Mint, Coconut Milk, and Blackberry Nectar. Nourish your lips with high quality ingredients while enjoying hints of succulent flavors all day. You are sure to enjoy the luscious way your lips feel after being lavishly treated to these sweet lip moisturizing solutions.


EOS has been providing a variety of skin products for years, and strives to help you achieve your health and beauty desires. From amazing options in lip balm, to delightful hand creams, you are sure to be pleased by making EOS your first choice in the line of skincare. Indulge yourself in the evolution of smooth.


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Honey Birdette Is Coming To The UK In A Big Way


Honey Birdette is a luxury lingerie company that is making some major expansions into the United Kingdom and even the United States. There are currently zero brick and mortar locations of this brand in the United States, but the United Kingdom already has 3 of them. That is not enough for the people in the company. They want to see that number increased to 40 by the end of 2018.

As far as the United States is concerned, the online sales numbers are up 374% in just one year. That has caught the attention of the executives at Honey Birdette. They now understand that they should also move expansion into their online sales in that country as well.

This Australian company got started in 2006 and remained just domestic for most of this time. They only went out of their own borders as of last year. Given that fact, this amount of expansion is perhaps even more remarkable.

The reasons for the company to see so many sales and profits has to do with the great products that they put out there. These are luxury lingerie items that range from bras to thongs. These items may be used for any number of occasions and purposes. They make for great gifts as well.

Bras with Honey Birdette start at around 60 euros and go up from there. They are unique pieces of clothing that you have to pay up for. They are worth every euro though because of how many different purposes even one piece of their clothing may be used for. Thinking about this, you should check out what they have to offer. They have already made great strides towards expanding their business and they are continuing to do so. They can do this because the products are top notch and flying off the shelves.

Find more information on Honey Birdette follow them on Facebook.

Avaaz: A Fight for the Planet and its Living Beings


Avaaz is a civic organization fighting for the planet and its creatures and on a mission to protect them for the coming generations by closing the gap between the nations including its people. The U.S.-based group has a broad approach to everything that is affecting humans, organisms, and the Earth itself. It is known for voicing for human rights, climate changes, civic rights, animal rights, poverty, corruption, and conflicts. The organization is considered be the largest online activist group by several media outlets including The Guardian. At the moment, the Avaaz has more than 44 million members from 194 countries, and that makes it has a significant presence in all the major countries.

The non-profit group was founded in 2007 by Ricken Patel who currently leads the organization as its Executive Director. Avaaz follows a simple strategy of connecting with people and mobilizing them for fighting the imminent threats through various forms of actions. It includes signing petitions, emailing, funding media campaigns, calling and lobbying governments, direct actions, and organizing street protests and events. The Avaaz website offers an easy way of filing a petition by any individual on issues they find affecting the communities in any manner. Interestingly, more than 338 million actions have been taken by the organization since it was founded.

While working as a global activist group, it also brings a new idea of “international citizens” and brings people together. Apart from the members, the group has dedicated volunteers to execute its actions, and currently, the non-profit campaigns in 15 languages. The group acclaimed some major success in the past, and the most prominent one is the Paris Climate Accord – an effort to end the use of fossil fuels and to embrace 100% clean energy. Its other major campaigns include the battle for open and free internet for everyone, protecting massive marine reserves, anti-corruption campaigns in Brazil, fight against Monsanto, and more.

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter.

Avaaz Online Activism


On January 2007, a civic and social organization, Avaaz was created. Avaaz meaning voice was designed to empower millions of people across Europe to take action on pressing issues on corruption, poverty, climate change, human rights and animal rights. The Guardian considers it as the largest global online activist network platform. The organization relies mostly on the internet where thousands of individual efforts combine to become a great voice.

Groups and individual persons co-founded Avaaz. Res Republica, a community of professionals advocating for good governance, Move on org. an advocacy group, and Service Employees International Union were some of the founding team members. Ricken Patel was the founding president and co-director.

Through millions of members, Avaaz takes action through the signing petitions, funding media campaigns, lobbying governments and even calling for action which translates to offline protests. Since the beginning, Avaaz has never accepted donations from organizations or any form of payments. It relies on the voluntary contribution of its members. Over $ twenty million have been raised so far.

Avaaz global campaign team coordinates the members across thirty countries. The team leaders communicate to the members through email, online public petitions, and videos. Through advertisements and commissions, Avaaz demonstrates how to take campaigns forward. Members give suggestion on the campaign tactic. Once a request is received it is tested using 10000 of the members. If successful the idea is activated.

The central ideology of Avaaz is the idealist. Ricken Patel asserts that the primary goal of Avaaz is closing the gap between the desired world and what is currently happening. Practically, Avaaz supports causes that are esteemed as progressive such as petition against climate change policies. It helps build a greater global support for refugees. Avaaz is committed to accuracy, once it sends out an email to the members and realizes it is not correct; another correcting mail is sent.

For further information on Avaaz follow them on Twitter.

Sawyer Howitt Taking Meriwether Group to Higher Levels


Meriwether group is a company owned up by Sawyer Howitt and his father, David Howitt. David Howitt founded Meriwether Group in 2004, and he is the current CEO of the enterprise. Before forming Meriwether Group, David Howitt held other positions in various companies and had a vast experience in the business sector. Sawyer Howitt is Meriwether’s project manager.

David was born on 8th August 1968. David attended East Grand Rapids High School and later went to Granville’s Denison University and graduated with a Bachelor degree in Arts. He majored in Political Science. David began his career in Williamson and Wyatt as an associate attorney and later went to Adidas America as a Corporate Counsel. David Howitt and his wife, Heather Howitt, established Oregon Chai in 1994. Oregon used to sell tea. In 2004, they decided to sell the company and founded Meriwether Group.

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Meriwether Group is an acceleration and advisory company. Meriwether is made of a variety of professionals ranging from lawyers, entrepreneurs amongst others. Meriwether primary role is to advise companies on a range of issues such as: how they can improve their brand name and efficient distribution channels. Other services include how to choose the best licensing product and advise companies which would like to merge.

View Sawyer Howitt’s About.me page for more information >>>

Due to the diversity feature of Meriwether’s services, any business gets the advantage of choosing whatever feature it feels would favour and improve their businesses. Meriwether boasts of every feature that a client would want in its services package.

Meriwether Group is made up of an experienced team of professionals who have worked for various companies. This experience is of great help more so to startup companies who would want to realise their goals. Meriwether also offers to advise if a company would like to change its strategic approach. Meriwether also provides advice on sources of capital, whether it is for the short run or the long term. Meriwether services make it the best option for any company, whether it a startup company or a company seeking to improve. Read Sawyer Howitt’s blog for an inside look at the life of a project manager for Meriwhether Group.

Source:  https://www.facebook.com/public/Sawyer-Howitt