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The Wine Masters of The Antique Wine Company


The Antique Wine Company is one of the planet’s biggest dealers in rare and fine wines and spirits. The wine merchant is based in Central London, England’s lively Marylebone. Stephen Williams created the Antique Wine Company in 1982. Although the merchant is located in the United Kingdom, it has an extremely global presence with a customer base that spans 70 nations and more than 20,000 individuals total. The company even has multiple Asian sales branches.

The AWC is extremely dedicated to antique vintage wines. Despite their dedication to antique vintage wines, their available products are generally contemporary vintages. The company trades antique and modern wines alike and above all else is focused on selling wines that are of especially high quality. The Antique Wine Company’s cellars accommodate 10,000 bottles of some of the most coveted vintage wines on the planet. The company has a reputation for having a massive selection of wine.

Selling wine isn’t the sole focus of the Antique Wine Company, however. The London company’s other offered services include cellar management, cellar design, investment, wine storage and the insuring of wine. The company assists many wine cellars that are part of châteaux, luxury hotels and homes all around the world. They provide useful tips and suggestions for these wine cellars. Their clients include professionals involved in the international wine trade, dining establishments, hotels, resorts and even private collectors.

People who are looking to buy fine wine from the Antique Wine Company have a lot of options available to them. The company trades many wines from Europe, particularly France. Their available wine comes from the Rhone Valley, Bordeaux, Loire Valley, Burgundy, Champagne and Provence in France. They also trade Spanish and Italian wines. Outside of Europe, they trade New World wines and spirits that come from nations such as the United States and “down under” locales New Zealand and Australia. They have many exciting wines that come from California’s legendary Napa Valley. They even sell Pinot Noirs that come from Oregon.

The varieties in wine for sale from The Antique Wine Company are also numerous. If a consumer decides that he wants to purchase wine from this company, he can explore his choices by type. These categories include fortified wines, sparkling wines, white wines, red wines and even sweet wines. Not only does The Antique Wine Company trade fine wines, but they also trade Armagnac (a brandy), spirits and whisky.