Y U So Mad?

Celebrities React to “The Interview” Cancellation


The Guardians of Peace hackers have scared Sony Pictures into cancelling the Christmas release of “The Interview.” This may be the first time in history that a movie has been cancelled due to links to terrorist attacks. Now the stars are speaking out on this cancellation.

Rob Lowe, who once stared on the presidential TV series, “The West Wing,” tweeted about how the hackers won. He thought that it was a cowardly way for Sony to react. North Korea has never stepped up to claim the hack and the threats as their own, but all fingers point towards North Korea. 

Seth Rogen and James Franco have stopped all production of the movie. Both stars are still behind the work that they created. They have stated that they have a right to free speech, and they dislike the outcome that Sony has chosen for the film. 

Some movies have been leaked. “The Interview” may never be seen now. This is the holiday season, and a lot of families go to see movies together during this time. Sony was banking on this, but now the company may have to settle for possible profits from “Annie” and “Fury.” These movies were already bootlegged, but some fans may still support these projects.