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Michel Terpin: One of the Best Rally Car Drivers in Brazil


Michel Terpin: One of the Best Rally Car Drivers in Brazil

Michel Terpin is a talented rally car drivers and the most decorated in Brazil. Rally car driving, considered one of the most dangerous professions, has proved to be one of the most exciting sports in Brazil today. He and his brother Rodrigo are the founding members of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. Together, they have made waves with their advanced driving skills of T-Rex. T-Rex was a prototype race car developed and built by MEM Motorsport. It has been modified with a V8 engine powered by ethanol fuel to make it more competitive. They have both participated in the Mitsubishi cup and in the Brazilian Championship of Cross Country Rally. Michel also devotes his time in organizing the Annual Sorties rally.

In 2002, Michel Terpin began his illustrious career as a motorcycle competitor. By 2004, he joined his brother Rodrigo in the car category. Only after spending 4 years driving in this car category, he became locally and internationally famous. With Maikel Justo by his side, they represented their team in the 2008 Bull Sertoes Rally. He has become an outstanding leader in the Brazilian cross country Rally championship in the category of Prototypes T1 and is now considered a household name in car racing within the country of Brazil.

In 2017, Michel Terpin will compete in the 25th edition of the Bull Sertoes Rally. This is Brazil’s biggest off road sporting event. The event spans 3,300 kilometers and will include four cities in Goias including Aruana, Goianésia, Santa Therezinha de Goiás, and Goiania. They will also pass through three cities in Mato Grosso do Sul which will include Bonito, Aquidauana, and Coxim. Turpin will drive his T-Rex with his navigator Maikel Justo. Maikel has already received four titles and also has ten years of experience in the Bull Sorties Rally.