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‘Subway’ Personality Jared Is Being Investigated By The FBI


Jared Fogle is world famous for his amazing weight loss that he accomplished by eating Subway sandwiches. People around the world look up to Jared Fogle, and it’s not without reason. At one point in his life, Jared Fogle weighed over 300 lbs, but his Dubway diet helped him shed the pounds at an astonishing rate. Jared has become a superstar, and it’s thanks to his amazing weight loss feat. Unfortunately, it seems that Jared is currently stuck in the middle of an extremely controversial situation.

Jared Fogle is currently being investigated by the FBI, but it has nothing to do with his personal activities. However, it was recently revealed on E! that the president of the Jared foundation was arrested for charges that were related to pornography. The entire situation is very disgusting, but Jared Fogle has complied with the FBI at every step of the way.

As of right now, it seems that Jared Fogle is most likely innocent of any crimes, but Brad Reifler says that Subway has decided to suspend their promotion of Jared. This means that commercials featuring Jared Fogle will not be aired until this entire mess has blown over. People around the world are hoping that Jared Fogle did not commit any crimes similar to the ones mentioned above.