Y U So Mad?

Doug Levitt Features his Travelling Chronicles in the Greyhound Diaries


Doug Levitt is a former news correspondent who reported for CNBC and ABC as a foreigner in London. Currently, Doug is an American performing artist. He began his music career ten years ago as a Greyhound bus rider Across America to collect stories, pictures, songs, and memories of bus travelers in the country.


Levitt grew up in Washington D.C. where he attended public schools, played sports, and sang in a Christian choir. His mother was a D.C. Council member called Carol Schwartz. Doug was the only Jewish child in the school choir at Wilson High. He attended many Sunday services because politics took center stage in many churches.


Washington D.C. is a Metropolitan District because it embraces people from across America. Doug Levitt was exposed to different levels of society, first, by learning in a public school, and later through his mother’s exposure to politics. This diverse cultural facet installed a civic duty in him. Furthermore, through his mother’s job and the sports that he engaged in, he was exposed to different worlds. He became an upright observer – and found that struggles, disparity, and poverty are all reflected in D.C.


Levitt’s Travels on the Greyhound Bus Lines


Levitt’s many encounters have made him see diverse people who struggle to get by in life. His continuing Greyhound Diaries venture is the source material for EP recordings and web series. The Greyhound Diaries uses music to share the stories of other struggling travelers. Levitt was in D.C. in 2012 at The Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage to perform, narrate stories and share pictures of the seven years he spent traversing the nation on Greyhound buses.


His passion motivated him to travel as an artist as does the poverty he witnessed as a correspondent journalist. He was inspired by era projects -Works Progress Administration, where he got the idea to tell stories and write songs about people struggling to get on with life.


It was a humbling experience for him as he came to understand his personal account about his father’s suicide and then finally forgave himself. He felt that in sharing his story, others would share theirs too. It greatly helped him grow in the process. The people who ride on the Greyhound bus can’t afford to drive. The Greyhound lines serve over 2,000 destinations in America. It’s a ubiquitous mode of transportation with over seventy Southern destinations.