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Facts about Wessex Journals


The journals are published by the WIT press. Its current CEO is David S Anderson.It has its headquarters at Ashourst Lodge in the United Kingdom. Other office includes Billerica in the USA. Opening of more offices ensures that there is large area for the sale of the journals. They are available both in the hard copy as well as soft copy.

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Their main focus is on the various fields of education. It’s aimed at helping the learners achieve more in their researches. Currently they have 5 types of journals that focus on major issues affecting the nations. They include the sustainable development and planning, safety and security engineering, design and nature and Eco dynamics, energy production and management. Computation methods and experimental measurements

With over 30 years’ experience in the field of science and technology.


They offer the services of seeing that your journal too gets published. They do this through editing the journals, increasing the quality of the articles, formatting and the printing.


They also offer services of marketing and distribution .It ensures that your publication gains popularity in a faster manner .They do this through the global distribution, in databases, and via amazon.com. They also offer the services of ensuring that your paper is freely and available online through the open access option.

Fix Negative Search Results With The Search Fixers



Online reputation management involves quite a few techniques that may be employed by a management firm. There is a school of thought involving content marketing, and The Search Fixers (@TheSearchFixers) often use such an approach. This article is a short explanation of how The Search Fixers use content marketing in their work, and clients may benefit quite a lot from what occurs.

#1: What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the spreading of verbal content through writing published online. The Search Fixers are willing to create quite a bit of content marketing for their clients, and they use content marketing to fix bad reviews. Their clients are dealing with reputation crises that may turn away customers, and new customers will have no indication that crises even exists.

#2: How Do The Search Fixers Assist Clients?

Clients may approach The Search Fixers at their leisure, and clients may provide information useful for content marketing. The Search Fixers will complete their own research on the subject, and marketing is produced based on said research. Clients may share anything they choose, and sharing may include media such as pictures, videos and sound. Free flowing information helps create finer writing.

#3: Are Reputations Salvaged Completely?

Reputations may be repaired using content marketing, and The Search Fixers are diligent in their pursuit of a new image for their clients. Corporations that wish to see their reputations salvaged must be patient while in relationship with The Search Fixers. To fix a bad online reputation the service throws content into a volatile search engine that will change daily given user input. The search parameters online never change, but the parameters may be used to improve the scope and value of content marketing that has been created.

#4: How Are Searches Fixed?

Content marketing will create a new chain of search rankings that improves the image of the client by showing new content marketing on the first page of a search engine page. An online reputation crisis may produce quite a bit of trouble for the client, but the client will no longer view their online reputation management services as negative when proper content marketing is created by talented reputation management consultants.

The Search Fixers are committed to the manner in which Internet users view their clients, and there is a plan to implement for each client. Clients will see results after hard work has been done on their case, and they may stay under contract for as long as needed.