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Sergio Cortes on Winning the Battle Against the Zika Virus


Sergio Cortes has become one of the leading authorities in the fight against the zika virus in the world. On his official site, he blogs about steps that can be taken to stop the mosquito from further infecting people. He says that it is important that any standing water be eliminated if possible. He also points out that the eggs can live up to one year and still hatch if they get wet.
On February 24, 2016, Director-General Margaret Chan of the World Health Organization praised efforts by the Brazil’s government to stop the zika virus. Recently, the country opened its first farm to produce genetically modified mosquitoes. In small trials, these mosquitoes have been shown to be highly effective through breeding with the mosquitoes responsible for causing the zika virus. If effective, the cost for the program will be about $120 a year per individual.
Margaret Chan also the World Health Organization would be giving out 500,000 test kits allowing doctors to test for three different diseases at the same time. Currently, tests are limited. Practitioners are also forced to test for each disease separately. Doing so, increases the cost of the tests. Furthermore, doing so increases anxiety in patients.
Finally Margaret Chan praised efforts by the government to increase knowledge within the medical community. This course ensures that those working in isolated areas have the best knowledge. This course is offered free. Yet, doctors can receive education credits for completing the course.
Sergio Cortes agrees with Margaret Chan that Brazil can be very proud of steps that the government is taking. He believes that the public also needs good knowledge. Therefore, he promises to keep spreading the message through his Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. While the government admits that it is an uphill battle when everyone works together everyone wins.

Sergio Cortes Masters The Art of Imitating MJ


There have been a ton of entertainers that specialize in impersonating Michael Jackson. It’s easy for people to recognize an MJ impersonator because Jackson was so over-the-top. He wore elaborate costumes for different numbers and made history with dance moves that would be connected to his name. What Sergio has done is manage to provide a tribute show that pulls out all the stops.

The Brazilian Dino website makes mention of how Sergio is humbled to pay homage to his idol. The article posted on Dino references the early stages where people asked him to dress up like MJ when he was a teenager. He went to being paid for simply dressing up like Jackson to actually performing as Jackon.

It is easy to imagine Sergio Cortes getting paid to appear as the pop icon that was known as Michael Jackson. The striking resemblance is simply amazing. Most fans that see Sergio dressed as Jackson are floored. It is like they have to do a double take because they may feel like they are looking at a ghost. That is just how close the resemblance is. There are numerous videos on YouTube that show fans screaming for the impersonator as he walks through cities because he looks so much like Michael.

The appreciation of Michael Jackson fans is something that continues on social media. Sergio has thousands of followers on social media. He loves to perform, and many of his performances are captured in photos on Facebook. People get the chance to see what he really looks like on stage. This has lead a lot of people to follow him and introduce him to others outside of Brazil.

It is evident that Sergio Cortes has a strong Brazilian following because this is his native land. It is surprising, however, to see how so many people from America have found Sergio. Americans are finding out about the tribute shows, and some people even want to see him come to America. It has been stated that Sergio Cortes would make a great Las Vegas act even though Vegas already has the Michael Jackson Experience show. Sergio is among the best in the MJ impersonation arena so he could be provide something new and exciting to the city of Las Vegas. Sergio continues to get even better as more people find out about this tribute shows. He is carrying the MJ torch well.

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In 2009, the world awoke to the sad news of the demise of the popular king of pop Michael Jackson. The legend artist died in his luxurious mansion in Los Angeles. As the world mourned the king of pop, among the greatest fans worries was his songs and famous dances. The news of Michael’s death shook the world of a Spanish-born man artist working to perfect Michael’s songs and dances. Unknown to the world, this young artist would be the greatest impersonator of the late pop star.
Sergio met Michael during the famous Jackson Five shows. By, then Michael was young, and Sergio was just a child. The opportunity stuck to Sergio’s mind to love and like the pop icon. When growing up, a journalist noticed his talent and invited him to a photo session dressed like Michael. This invitation became the turning point of Sergio’s career. He put more effort into becoming the like the star and made it perfect. Among his teenager friends, they described the new Michael as loving and hard working.
The journey to the world attention and attraction to the world’s cameras has not been easy to Sergio. He had to practice hard Michael’s songs and dancing styles which are easy for anyone. The artist impressed the fans of the late king of pop and won his way to the fans minds. Currently, any interested person in the world of pop music knows Sergio. He has performed in numerous tours and shows around the world in tribute to Michael Jackson. His videos and photos while he is playing are everywhere in the internet.
Sergio understands the power of social media. Unlike the days when Michael was growing up, the social media has evolved to platform that every artist cannot ignore. There are over 16000 Facebook followers in his a page. He is also accessible through his Twitter account and other social media sites. The artist is talented in his dances and chirographies. Sergio vows to keep the memories of the late king of pop alive.
Sergio says he likes his work. He also does it best and impressive. Since the late star death news hit the world, Sergio started on a mission to ease the pain of his fans that miss his performances. Everyone misses Michaels, but Sergio misses him more, he admits that Michael death was a blow to him and his fans.

Source: www.dino.com.br

Talking With World Reknowned Michael Jackson Impersonator Sergio Cortes


Visit the social media profile pages of Sergio Cortes and you will think that Michael Jackson himself has risen from the ashes. In just a few seconds you will notice he sounds like the king of pop, he sings like the legend, he walks and talks like MJ, he even composes songs just like the late Michael Jackson did. He promotes himself as an impersonator, but one look and you will realize that he actually has taken on the role of keeping the dream alive.

Sergio says on his pages that it is a huge challenge to be able to portray such a globally recognized celebrity on a daily basis. He has to be on every second of every day. This is not just some part time job for Sergio, this is a passion, a passion that Cortes says is more of an honor and privilege. He feels that in some way he is helping to keep the spirit alive for grieving fans around the world still dealing with such a huge loss to the music industry.

One might think after looking at Sergio Cortes that he in fact is the reincarnation of the king of pop. Although Sergio is only 43 years old, he was cast into the spotlight at a very young age just like MJ. His mother saw the resemblance to Michael Jackson and asked her son to take some fun pictures. Those pictures were the jumping off point for his career that still allows him today to live his dream. Michael Jackson was still touring with the Jackson 5 when Cortes had his life transformed. He says, “I can remember paying very close attention to how he sang songs, how he danced, and how he carried himself.

Sergio has 16,000+ people faithful followers on Facebook, and that number grows every day. It’s through these social media outlets that Sergio showcases his skills and talks with all the fans.

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“It is so much harder when you must incorporate good attributes and bad into your act.”
Michael Jackson has been and always will be a huge impact in my life, “says Sergio Cortes. The fans are part of the reason he has be able to deal with the grief of losing his idol.

Source: R7.com