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Is Tom Rothman Sony’s Choice For Chairman After Pascal Exits?


The latest Sony gossip is about the media entertainment giant’s co-chairperson Amy Pascal. The respected online magazine Hollywood Reporter shared all the juicy details in a recent post. Pascal has served Sony Pictures for over fifteen years. She holds a key role, but recent developments have threatened her chairperson duties.

Hollywood has eyes on both Tom Rothman and Jeff Robinov as a potential successor. As former key players in the industry, it’s a tight competition. Former Warner Brothers studio head Jeff Robinov now serving Sony is a decorated contender. He’s an allied partner of reputable US banks and China-based company Foson Group. Lately, Robinov has expressed a fondness of the Chinese market, which makes his stance for the promotion questionable. 

Tom Rothman stuck to a tight budget during his time at 20th-Century Fox. He’s a lifeline which would help Sony recoup from Pascal’s wasteful spending habits as criticized by celebrated investor/economist Daniel Loeb. It’s a quality that Sony is likely to admire, but is it enough to redeem his scandalous history. He’s the execute running Sony’s revived subsidiary TriStar. Months of speculation has left the community anxious to witness which of the two will succeed Pascal. It’s been a debate even before Sony got hacked in November last year.

With distasteful emails of unreciprocated opinions leaked, Tom Rothman’s behavior has become questionable. He’s remembered for discriminating Sony-based talent Will Smith of his role in homeschooling his children. Funny enough, Rothman was on a London trip and Robinov in China when Pascal broke the news. The executives Robinov and Rothman weren’t informed prior to this development. Hollywood stars appreciate working alongside both media/entertainment industry moguls. Any of the two would keep Sony’s legacy afloat. Does Sony have another hopeful in mind? Get it from the source Hollywood Reporter here.

Justin Bieber Doesn’t Leave His Fans Until He Shows Off


Skateboarding was never said to be easy for Tom Rothman, but if you’re an international pop star, it proves to be no different who you are. If you step on a board, you’re going to have to work to land a trick that you want. Justin Bieber has shown his love for the sport multiple times in different videos, pictures and anything else the Biebs can get his hands on, and during a trip in New York City, he showed it off to his fans in person. Recently, Justin felt the need to show off for his fans to show just how much he can do on a board, and he wouldn’t leave the area until he ollied two sets of stairs as a crowed of his Beliebers swarmed around in front to watch him show off, filming his every move.

His skateboarding adventures found their ways to Vine, Instagram and YouTube after Justin left the scene, and his fans were then only left with the videos of the day. But a lucky fan caught up with Justin, and he didn’t leave without a little bragging that the fan caught on video with the Biebs.

Later in the evening, Justin sent out this tweet to let his fans know he appreciates them.

“Fun day in nyc. Love all my beliebers”

Mariah Doesn’t Want to See Nick for Christmas


She kicked of the holiday season with the start of a divorce from her husband Nick Cannon and it seems that it has been one incident after the next ever since. Mariah’s holiday curse started when she was over 2 hours late for the pre taping of her annual Christmas tree lighting in Rockefeller Center her lateness resulted in a live unrehearsed performance that everyone met with negative reviews.

The next phase of the curse started when Mariah was performing at the Beacon Theatre, what started out as a great comeback soon turned into a disaster when Mariah somehow lost her shoe during her performance, she literally was performing with her high heel clutched in her hand. Later in the same show she broke down into tears while singing her classic “Hero” before the battery pack to her microphone fell on while she was trying to compose herself.

Most recently Mariah’s ex assistant has decided to sue her for violation of labor laws. Mariah can not catch a break this holiday. Now with Christmas looming sources are saying that Mariah does not want to spend Christmas with Nick as previously planned because she blames him for all of her recent holiday havoc.

Apparently Nick and Mariah were fighting at their Thanksgiving family dinner and Mariah blames all of her stress surrounding the divorce on her most recent on stage mishaps.

“Mariah holds him partially responsible for the bad press her recent performances have gotten. She’s been so stressed over the split with the fighting and crying, its definitely affected her state of mind, her head, her voice and her stage presence. It’s rattled her” a close friend shared.

She may just need to spend some time on Dr Rod Rohrich’s NavigateYourBeauty.com to find her inner beauty and get back into the holiday spirit.

Seth Rogan and James Franco Cancel Interviews for Upcoming Movie


Comedy duo James Franco and Seth Rogan have gained popularity doing movies together such as “This is the End”, “Pineapple Express”, and television show “Freaks and Geeks”. However their latest project is causing them some problems.

Their latest movie, “The Interview” is an action-comedy where both play television journalists who land an interview with their fan Kim Jong-Un and become involved in a plot by the CIA to assassinate North Korea’s leader.

Sounds entertaining, right? Apparently not everyone agrees. A hacker group calling themselves “Guardians of Peace”, the same group behind the Sony hacks, have threatened violence on theaters that are showing “The Interview”.

It is reported on Variety’s Website as well as others that James Franco and Seth Rogan are cancelling press interviews for the movie. They have cancelled appearances on “Late Night with Seth Meyers”, “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”, as well as an interview with Buzzfeed. Rumors of the New York premier of the movie being cancelled are swirling around as well.

Shaoul, however, is not just a real estate tycoon-he is a comedy buff and is hoping that this film in particular pulls through and that its producers and executives do not give up on getting it out there for fear of the notorious North Korean Leader.

Kylie Jenner Addresses Pregnancy Rumors


All summer the internet has been buzzing with reports that Kylie Jenner and Tyga are an item and while the two insist that they are just friends hanging out, their actions suggest otherwise. Tyga and Kylie have been spotted having private dates in discreet locations and even ended the summer with a vacation together.

As of recently it’s also been said that the two have finally split up thanks to Kylie’s big sisters Khloe and Kourtney pulling Kylie aside, and telling her that Tyga is only interested in her for the fame. Another drama factor in the relationship is that Tyga is the ex boyfriend and baby daddy of Kim Kardashian’s good friend Blac Chyna, awkward.

The latest rumors involving Kylie are about her eloping in Mexico with Tyga, pregnancy, lip injections and an impending rap career. Kylie insists that none of these rumors are true and took to Twitter to address all the rumors in one shot.

“I’m not trying to become a rapper, I’m not getting married, & I’m not pregnant…” she tweeted.

While Kylie is all for denying rumors regarding marriage, pregnancy, lip injections and a rap career one thing Kylie and Tyga never address head on are the relationship rumors. It looks like by the time they are honest about their relationship there won’t be one to share. The whole situation has my shaking my head, I’ll just stick to keeping Chance happy with Beneful and try to not think about those Kardashians.