Y U So Mad?

Kylie Jenner Creepy Fan Drama Caught On Camera


As i Kylie Jenner’s Instagram beef with Blac Chyna has taught people nothing, it looks like she is still letting the world know that she is not the girl to mess with. Lately Kylie has had to develop some tough skin, she’s young, rich and famous, someone somewhere is always have something to say and that is just a cross she will have to bare. After admitting to using temporary fillers to enhance her lips, it seemed like social media was ready to stone Kylie for daring to do anything to alter her looks. Brad Reifler says Kylie now has to be careful with everything she says and does, because everything can be turned into her next reason for trending on the internet.

This week while out doing some shopping, Kylie had to put a rude fan in his place. When she arrived to her car a man was waiting there to record her, video of the incident shows Kylie as she arrives to her car with bag in her hands as the man proceeds to continually ask her “What that mouth do,” without bothering to even look the crazy guy in the face Kylie tells him to “Get the F**K out of my face,” and opens her car door as if he didn’t even exist.

Clearly Kylie is used to things like this happening, because she didn’t appear to be bothered or shaken one bit. Even if crazy men with cameras is the norm, most 17 year old girls would be a little scared for their safety.