Y U So Mad?

Rob Zombie to Helm Grouch Marx Biopic


Sam Tabar told us that Rob Zombie is an eclectic individual. After gaining ground as a musician with White Zombie and a solo career, Zombie moved on to making films like 2003’s “House of 1,000 Corpses” and a remake of “Halloween.” Although Zombie has developed a reputation among the horror genre from his music and film endeavors, Zombie’s latest cinematic project will discuss the twilight years of American comedian Groucho Marx after having gained rights to the book “Raised Eyebrows,” the memoirs of Marx’s last secretary. Oren Moverman is credited as the screenwriter while Zombie will serve as director and producer, the latter of which through Cold Iron Pictures. Zombie has stated that he is a huge fan of the comedian and has read a multitude of books about the man. He went on to add that reading “Raised Eyebrows” inspired him to put Marx’s tale to film.

Zombie has wanted to leap away from a horror focus for some time. After a previous project, “Broad Street Bullies,” was tucked away from disinterest, the opportunity to pursue filming a biopic about Groucho Marx seems to be one of the most esoteric shifts that Zombie could ask for.