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Online Reputation Management Helps Companies Stay Safe


There are a lot of companies that are going to help when there is a reputation management problem online, and these companies are going to come up with a way to make the company look better than it does today. It is also simple to do this once the company comes to a place like Status Labs for help. Status Labs is incredible in that it can help people make sure that their companies look good even after they have suffered badly online.

The suffering that most companies go through is something that can be solved with content, and Status Labs can make sure that the company can have better content for people to read. Writing better content is done in the office every day at Status Labs, but they also do a lot of research to make sure that all their customers get exactly what they need. Every problem is different, and that is why it is important for people to be sure they ask Status Labs for help.

The Status Labs team will sit down to decide what to do, and they will make sure that they can get what is required to change the reputation of their client. They are checking to make sure that things are done right, and they will be sure that the client can see that things are getting better. It makes people see that there are real results when work has been done the right way, and they send out reports that help them be transparent with the work that has been done.

There are many reasons to fix the reputation of a client, and they will learn a lot when Status Labs takes over. Status Labs makes sure that all clients look their best, and they do the research to make it happen. They can write online, help remove negative comments and reassure their clients that the work has been done well.

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Restoring Your Online Reputation


With the speed of today’s Internet, information both positive and negative can be read in a matter of minutes. If any interested party wants to know about you the information is readily available on the Internet. On the one hand, positive information can help you or your business very quickly. On the other hand, negative information can hurt you just as fast which is why it’s important to bury negative search results as quickly as possible. Otherwise years of establishing a good reputation can be lost overnight.

Remember, this is being called the information age. Like it or not almost everything about you or your business is readily available online. Your potential customers can review your company before deciding to deal with you. A misleading article about one of your products can be devastating to sales. Professionals are not immune, bad PR can destroy your practice. Having your online reputation damaged will impact your personal success or the success of your business for years to come. Therefore the faster you can restore your good reputation the sooner you or your company will be successful again.

If you or your company are one of the unfortunate ones that have received bad reviews, poor press or any other type of negative information published on the Internet, you should seek professional help from an online presence management firm in order to restore your reputation as fast as possible. Don’t delay, contacting a reputation management service as soon as possible can be critical.

You are not alone. Individuals, as well as major corporations, are often victims of misleading or false information. When choosing a reputation management service, select a company such as REPUTATION MANAGEMENT FIXERS. You will want to choose a company that can not only restore your good reputation but can help prevent it from happening again.

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Why Should Online Reputation Management Matter To Hotels?


The concept of online reputation management isn’t new. In fact, it can be traced to 1999 with the advent of Epinions, the first online review site. The site provided a podium for consumers to post their opinion about products or services the world to see. After so many years, more sites joined, and some have focused om the hospitality industry specifically, ultimately making online reputation management even more important to business success.
Why does Online Reputation Management matter in the hospitality business?
According to OnlineReputationreviews.com over 90% of business reps rated online traveler reviews, increased direct bookings and repeated business as the three most significant factors to the success of their business.”

Naturally, the internet plays an influential role in a lot of travel decision. People prefer to get reviews from other people who have used the services personally. They compare these reviews and weigh their options. Businesses with excellent reviews online are more likely to win the heart of the customers.

Benefits of an effective ORM strategy

• Enhanced marketing strategies

For hotels, a happy guest’s review is a valuable marketing tool. Online reputation management allows hoteliers to follow up positive reviews, and also disseminate and share positive feedback across multiple social networks, as well as on the establishment’s own website.

• More informed operations planning

Even though online reputation management can be performed mainly in the virtual space, the best way to get positive reviews improving service of a brand. Such reviews will help hoteliers enter the minds of guests and improve the critical issues in their operations using the information from the guest.

• Useful competitive intelligence

As expected, brands will monitor their online reputations of their brand and their competition and use the insights they find to enhance their operations and better their businesses successfully.
Monitoring reviews online of competitors as well as their own brand will enable an hotelier to discover where they have an advantage over others.
Doing so will translate into more customers, more business and more profit.
Since responding to online reviews has become imperative in online reputation management, modern technology has provided software that crawls the internet on behalf of hoteliers and notifies them of reviews placed on review sites as well as online travel agent listings.