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The Creative and Forward Thinking, Samuel Strauch


In his interview with CEOCFOinterviews, Samuel Strauch explained his vision when he started Metrik Holdings; when they launched the company, it occurred as it was at the point of convergence of different pathways. By that time Strauch had come to Miami, about 15 years ago, he saw an excellent opportunity in a growing city. The city was turning away gradually from being a resort town, and it was transforming into a fledged city.

So, Samuel Strauch thought it could be an excellent opportunity to start a real estate company. Since he already had numerous relationships with Latin Americans, He put two-and-two together; Strauch also knew that he had people that were interested in being investors or clients in that kind of business in the city of Miami, as it’s a means of access to the Americas

Strauch said that the focus for Metrik now and where they are paying attention is that they see rapid changes especially in the way people are living, working, and traveling. Therefore, they are focusing their analysis, and they are putting efforts to invest in companies, industries, plus projects that could adapt to the new generations.

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They like how people transform the way they travel. They seek more experience instead of spending their money on things that are trivial. Therefore, they are looking towards projects that could accommodate plus attract that new generation. Currently, the Millennials mark the new society pace in travel, living, relationships, and work across every area of real estate.

Samuel Strauch studied at Hofstra University, NY, where he received his bachelor’s degree in business. Also, he completed studies at Harvard University and Erasmus University, Rotterdam. He began his career in the banking field, but ultimately, he decided to join his family Real Estate business located in South Florida, FL.

In 2002, Samuel Strauch started his company which he’s continuing to grow up to now successfully combining a platform of complementary businesses in management, development, acquisitions, equity sourcing, plus real estate brokerage in Latin America and South Florida. He’s an active investor in various restaurant and internet businesses plus he’s an avid photography and art enthusiast.

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