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Do This Summer Arm Workout to Get Arms Like Matt Landis


matt landis arm workout

For anyone that is interested in getting well defined arms like ol’ boy Matt Landis up there, it is important to check out these simple exercises. Essentially, there are three separate types of exercises that you should do to help define your arms, including exercises for the triceps, biceps and the shoulders. Furthermore, the exercises are very simple and they are designed in such a way that you can do them whether you are at the gym, at home or even at a playground.

For the triceps exercise, all that is required is that you simply sit on a chair and grab the front legs of the chair with your hands. From that point, push yourself up off of the chair until there is daylight between your buttocks and the surface of the chair. You can then slowly lower yourself back down to the chair. To really get a good triceps workout, you should complete this exercise anywhere between 8 and 15 times, depending on your individual fitness level.

When you make the decision to exercise your biceps, the best workout that you can do is chin-ups. This is something that makes a lot of people roll their eyes in dread because most people hate the thought of doing chin-ups, but these exercises are quite effective. If you are only able to do one or two at a time, then do what you can and rest for brief period before you come back to repeat that same number of repetitions again. Try to add one or two more every time you do this exercise until you have built up your strength and you are doing solid repetitions. They may take time and effort, the payoff is well worth it.

Finally, to get your shoulders more defined you should lie flat on your back with your knees bent and your heels touching the ground. Find a bar that you can reach from this height and then grab it, making sure to grab it with your arms more than a shoulder length apart. Now pull yourself up off the ground so that your torso is lifting up off the ground while your heels maintain contact. Lower yourself slowly back to the ground and repeat this exercise 8 to 15 times.

If you really want to get well defined arms like Matt Landis, start doing these exercises. If you need to find out more information, visit livestrong.com. You will be glad you did.

New Research Show Marijuana Has Been Getting A Bad Rap For Years


Marijuana Use May Be Safer Than Anyone Thought According To New Research

According to the journal Scientific Reports, marijuana doesn’t compare to alcohol, cocaine and heroin use in terms of the risk of death. In fact, alcohol use may be more dangerous than previously reported. When all four substances were compared, alcohol use resulted in more deaths than heroin, cocaine and marijuana. Marijuana was 114 times less deadly that alcohol. Weed poses little threat of death to its users.http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2015/02/23/marijuana-may-be-even-safer-than-previously-thought-researchers-say/

But that doesn’t mean pot is totally free of risk. Any substance that is used in an abusive way can do severe damage to the human body. There are a number of risks involved with pot use. Mental health issues seem to be on the top of that list, but not every pot user experiences memory loss or other brain function issues.

Susan McGalla has read that the biggest issue with marijuana use is how we perceive this natural drug. Churches are against legalization in some states, so it is a political issue and a moral issue. Our beliefs about marijuana use must change, and the government’s classification of pot must change as well. Pot must be reclassified as a Schedule II drug rather than a Schedule I drug before pot id legal in all states.

Pregnant Behind Bars


Pregnant women commit crimes just like other people do, and they end up in jail or prison. There is someone else to consider in this situation that some prisons aren’t thinking about, and that’s the fact that there is an innocent baby with the mother. The baby didn’t ask to be put behind bars, but the mother made a mistake. Some prisons in New Yorkare shackling women who are pregnant while they give birth. Do these prisons really think that the mother would be able to run off during labor? There might be some who try, but giving birth should be a joyful experience no matter where the mother is while she’s in labor. This shackling is also on the illegal side. Haidar Barbouti has heard that there are chains put on women who have C-sections. This is inhumane, and even if women have committed a serious offense, they shouldn’t be treated like animals.

With This Ring…


Sometimes we do not even know what is happening in our neighbor’s lives and when we hear shouting and fussing we call the police. This happened in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. Neighbors complained of a domestic dispute going on in a house next door.

When officers arrived they found an elderly couple that could not even afford groceries so the husband had pawned their wedding rings. The husband said it was increasingly difficult to take care of his wife because of her dementia and had no option but to pawn the rings. Having no protocol for a situation like this, the officers as good, decent, men knew exactly what to do.

People like Brian Torchin are glad to know that the case was settled when nine of the officers and five civilians opened their hearts and wallets and gathered enough money to buy back the ring for $130 and buy $150 dollars in groceries. More on Torchin available at Angel.co.

That would have solved the situation for that problem for that day if they had not pursued an answer to the couple’s dilemma . After 54 years of marriage h e was trying to take care of his wife whose dementia was getting worse and he couldn’t leave her to work to provide for themselves. The true gift they gave the couple were to get them involved with The Alzheimer/s Society and the Community Care Center.

The policemen will all be receiving commendations soon from the police serrvices board.