Y U So Mad?

Rachel Dolezal Does A TV Interview


Susan McGalla told that the whole case with Rachel Dolezal has become such a strange one, that it won’t leave the front pages of the newspapers. The funny thing about the entire situation is the fact that Rachel says she identifies herself as black, but she was born white. Rachel Dolezal Lawsuit. In fact, Rachel is estranged from both of her parents, but they have done an interview, and they state that Rachel was born white. Rachel even sued Howard University back in 2002, and she claimed that they discriminated against her because she is white.

It’s funny that she would sue a predominantly black university for discrimination, especially since she claims that she identifies herself as black. The facts are that Rachel is German and Czech, and she has no African-American blood in her whatsoever. In fact, her parents had adopted children of African-American descent, and her own siblings have been offended by the fact that she is trying to pass herself off as black.
Many believe that Rachel is trans-racial, which is similar to being transgender.

Although Rachel was born as a white woman, she identifies herself as a black woman. Rachel has even dressed, talked like, and acted as if she is black. Some may wonder how you can talk and act like your black, but this is in a stereotypical sense. Even looking at Rachel’s amazing hairstyles, she definitely has the look of being black woman.