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Securus Technologies Giving Officer Invaluable Tools


This year my fellow officers have been dealing with increased incidents of violence in our state prison. No matter how hard we push, the explosion in inmate violence continued to escalate due to a variety of reasons. Not only are these inmates being able to acquire drugs more easily than officers like, but the overcrowded conditions have raised hostilities to the point that these inmates are taking out all their frustrations on me and my fellow corrections officers. This was all about to change when we discovered the latest call monitoring system available from Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies is based in Dallas and has been involved with helping law enforcement for many years. Their new inmate call monitoring system is changing the way that corrections officers are being able to get a handle on illegal activities inside jails. This same system has already been installed in thousands of prisons in the U.S. and is making a difference. Now that our officers are able to get out of that small call center and back on the grounds, we too are starting to see a positive difference in the amount of violence in our facility.


Now that the LBS software is operating, we wanted to see exactly how much safer conditions have gotten in our facility. These are just a few examples of what we have been able to take control of during the first month of the new monitoring system in place. An inmate called his elderly father and asked him to bring his medication to the visitor center, so we made sure those drugs were confiscated before the visit. An inmate spoke about how he is able to use drugs after dark, so we decided to up our cell inspections are received everything he was hiding from the officers on duty.


Why Securus Technologies Is a Reliable Form of Communication For Inmates and Their Visitors


Securus Technologies is offering both inmates and visitors opportunities of communication with one another via methods of videoconferencing. It is highly recommended for inmates and visitors to ensure that they’re taking the steps that are necessary for signing up for the video conferencing system of communication if it is available for them, as it offers them a highest speed server connection which is secure and offers convenience.


Securus Technologies should not be regarded as being an ordinary form of communication, as it enables people to keep in touch in a way in which one of the parties is in an environment in which they normally would not have an opportunity of communicating through any other means aside from a visitor, or visitors, visiting their physical location or through phone calls. This is why Securus Technologies is such a recommended form of communications, as it is enabling people to keep in touch more often than they may have had an opportunity of doing so with conditions of physical visitations, as it offers convenience in its highest regards. If you are not necessarily sure about what exactly Securus Technologies entails, then please do not hesitate to visit their website, as there are several resources that could be of assistance to you. It is highly recommended for you to look into the list of correctional facilities that are on the page, as all correctional facilities have not had its system of communications implemented into their communicative systems yet.


Customer service representatives are available to assist if you need their assistance. They are capable of answering any questions that you may have, as well as guiding you through the processes of installing the program and signing up for an account so that you can be on your way towards communicating effectively and efficiently. Reach out to an inmate today!


The Growing Reach and Success of the Securus Technologies Video Visitation Solution


The Securus Technologies Video Visitation solution is now being used by about 180 correctional agencies in the United States at this point in time. Securus Technologies Video Visitation accomplishes about 160,000 individual inmate visits each month. This computes to about 2,000,000 visits annually.


According to Securus Technologies, the number of individual inmate visits accomplished through the company’s Video Visitation solution is doubling each year. The company anticipates that this trend will continue in the immediate future as more correctional institutions, and the public at large, learn more about the benefits of Securus Technologies Video Visitation.


The Securus Technologies Video Visitation app has been downloaded by friends and family members of incarcerated people over 232,000 times thus far. The company anticipates that this trend will also continue apace as an ever increasing number of loved ones of offenders learn about the benefits of virtual inmate visitation using this solution.


The Securus Technologies Video Visitation technology is also enjoying growth in its use because it is highly cost effective. Family members of an incarcerated person oftentimes have to expend what amounts to a significant amount of money to accomplish a visitation with an offender. In many cases, visitation with an incarcerated loved one requires travel to a facility at a distant location.


In addition, the Securus Technologies Visual Visitation technology reduces expenses to correctional departments. In this day and age, correctional departments on the federal, state, and local levels are all facing extremely tight budgets. When money can be saved on costs associated with inmate visitation, funds become more readily available to address safety and security issues, both for the sake of institutions, but also for the public at large.


Securus Technologies is based in Dallas Texas. The company currently provides services to over 3,450 public safety, law enforcement and correctional agencies in North America.


Securus Technologies on Advantages of Video Visitation


The benefits of having visitation among inmates through video have been highlighted by Securus Technologies lately. We are responsible for the provision of technologies for investigations, monitoring, public safety, and corrections to the justice departments. We intends to point out to the greater majority that there is an alternative way of getting in touch with a loved one who is doing time in a penitentiary.


The Promotion


Through the media outlets Securus will use carefully choreographed video commercials to endear the public to the video technology. We believe this technology will lighten the burden for both inmates and their loved ones wishing to see them more, but unable either dues to cost or lack of travel time. Our commercials intend to highlight the ease with which inmates are being visited from the comfort of home: from a desktop or a mobile device.


We do not influence the way agencies have conducted traditional visitation. Ours is to popularize this mode of visitation among the general public and the inmates as well. Unknown to many folk is the fact that this link is not skype or video chat as believed by some. Our technology is tamper proof and should therefore not be viewed with suspicion. Consider the many that will get in touch with loved ones and see this as a light at the end of their tunnel.




Consider these awesome statistics and see for yourself how our technology is connecting folk. So far we have had 160,000 visits monthly and over 2 million yearly. Now, there are 178 State agencies in the US offering this visitation alternative. On average the cost is as little as $2.72 per visit. So far 110,000 visits have been enabled through mobile applications.


Securus Technologies


Our headquarters is in Dallas, Texas. We serve over 3,450 law enforcement agencies in Dallas alone and over 1 million inmates countrywide. We have emergency response, investigation, biometric analysis and monitoring teams.


Securus Helps My Grandma Check In


My grandma is a very sweet lady who has been able to check in with different members of the family over the years using Securus, and I taught her how to use the Securus system so that she could talk to my dad who is her son. She wants to know that he is alright while he is in jail, and I showed her the best way to do this so that there would be no problems. She is a very nice person, but there was no way that would be able to learn to do this on her own.


Securus has a lot of video cameras in the jails around, and they have had them professionally installed to make sure they work well. I have heard how well this works to the point that I think I am in the room with him. My grandma has been very happy about that because it gives her a personal experience that she cannot get. She cannot go out to the jail, but Securus is bringing it to her. She has the app on her phone now, and she can set up calls with my dad at any time.


I am doing the same thing, but I do it with a tablet. The difference here is that I am able to use it on multiple platforms and keep checking in with my dad as I travel. I have been to a lot of places in this country where I have shown my dad around using Securus, and he will be out in a few years so maybe we can do these travels together. I like that he is able to talk to my grandma, and I hope that they can maintain their relationship over Securus so that they will always be in contact.