Y U So Mad?

Who Is ARO?


Many of us are familiar with the Osbournes’. Yes that’s right Ozzy Osbourne and his family who truly hit fame with their show in 2001. We know of Ozzy, Sharon, Jack, and Kelly, but did you know they have an older daughter named Aimee? According to her bio Aimee is their first born, born in 1983. Aimee opted out of being thrown into fame by not wanting to be on the show with the rest of her family due to the fear of her last name tainting her future singing career. Aimee is now launching her own music career and making a name for herself under ARO, her initials. Fans like Mark Ahn agree that her music is quite catchy and something I would listen to on a relaxing evening out on the porch. “Raining Gold” is so soothing to the ears and something that I would have on repeat! Check it out for yourself and see how you like it! ARO has my vote whenever it is needed.