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Walking Dead Co-Stars Emily Kinney and Norman Reedus Together!


If you aren’t all caught up on the hit AMC zombie series, ‘The Walking Dead’, then you should probably quit reading. In the post apocalyptic world that ‘The Walking Dead’ inhabits there were two characters that became fast fan favorites. Norman Reedus became the surprising star of the show with his made-for-TV character Daryl. According to Facebook, Emily Kinney burst onto the scene in season two as the sweet singing Beth. Beth and Daryl were two characters thought to have a romantic spark in between them but they never got to see anything fulfilled, as Beth was killed off in the first half of this past season. Now, the real life actors have hooked up!

Emily Kinney and Norman Reedus have been making the rounds together at various ‘Walking Dead’ themed comic conventions so it doesn’t exactly surprise us to see that they have become at least somewhat intimate. Rumors say that they are romantically linked together, but all outward signs show that they are simply close.

Reedus, 46, has seen a meteoric rise in his fame after becoming a fan favorite on ‘The Walking Dead’. Thanks to his work on the show it looks like Reedus will be landing another ‘Boondock Saints’ film to add to his collection. Kinney has been playing her music and branching out from more than just the TV work that she has been consigned to for the better part of the past five years.

Miley Cyrus Poses In Paint


It was recently revealed that Miley Cyrus has decided to post nude for Paper magazine, and the strange photoshoot has been leaked on TMZ. Thousands of users on social media have already reacted to the strange picture of the star formerly known as Hannah Montana. In case you missed it, TMZ recently published an article that features pictures of Miley’s new photoshoot. However, I must warn you that the images are strange and disgusting. Miley Cyrus has fallen off of the wagon, and she needs help.

According to Beneful, the new images show Miley Cyrus wearing nothing but paint. People around the world are very confused, and some fans believe that Miley Cyrus should be banned . However, Miley seems to feel that she is helping a greater cause, but I’m not quite sure what that is. Sadly, Miley Cyrus is becoming a walking headline, and she continues to get stranger by the day. Unfortunately, I feel that it’s only a matter of time before Miley Cyrus does something that will truly put her life in danger. Miley Cyrus feels that she is invincible right now, and her drug use is well known throughout Hollywood. I think that someone needs to sit Miley Cyrus down and have a long talk with her.

How Skout is Changing the Nature of Travel


The world is an amazing place. The world is also a very large place. it’s one of the paradoxes of human nature that we often feel the most alone when surrounded by strangers. This is one of the biggest reasons that so few people venture out to really explore their surroundings. Travel just isn’t as fun when one feels isolated or lonely. However, technology is changing the way that people relate to each other. There was a period where it seemed like smartphones might be the downfall of actual conversation. It can often seem like everyone’s living with a phone planted firmly in front of their face. However, in reality the exact opposite can be true. Smartphones can limit human interaction. Smartphones can also be used as a tool to facilitate it. A prime example of this can be found with an app called Skout.

As the name suggests, the app helps one to scout around an area to find fun and unique people. It’s the perfect way to meet people when traveling to new places. Anyone using Skout is interested in meeting new people. This takes away a lot of the trepidation many people feel when approaching strangers. There’s no need to be awkward with Skout, as everyone using it is there for the same reason. Skout users want to meet people who share or have complementary interests. It can even be used to find a date.

It’s quite easy to use as well. One simply downloads it from the Play Market for Android, or from iTunes with iOS. The user then needs to create an account. This can be done in two ways. One can use Skout to directly create a new account. A faster method is to simply let the app create a Skout account using the user’s Facebook data.

Once one has created an account, it’s quite easy to get started. When the user is logged in the app will present an iconized view of other Skout users in the area. The user can click on an image of the person and see their interests and who they’d like to meet. If they seem interesting, the app can start a conversation using instant messaging. If both users are interested in meeting up, the app can then be used to find each other. It might well be one of the best ways to meet new friends in any location on earth. And in doing so one can fully enjoy any and all new locations.

Two long Lost Brothers Reunited


Some people don’t believe in fate, however, two long lost brothers now do. Isaac Nolting and Dakotah Zimmer were split apart after the death of both their parents. Their reunion happened in June 2012 when the two boys just happened to be at the same public pool in Missouri swimming and playing around. People couldn’t help but notice how much the two boys looked alike. The boys briefly talked about it. Dakotah knew he had a brother that had been adopted when he was just a baby. But after 10 years apart, he never thought he would meet him.

Later that night, Isaac sat his mother down and in tears he asked if he was adopted. Knowing it was the right thing to do Dawn, his adopted mother, answered one of the hardest questions he had ever asked her. Yes indeed Isaac was adopted. Isaac was quoted saying “I was so happy that I had a brother, I always asked for one.”

Dawn said the resemblance between the two of them is unbelievable. Haidar Barbouti (Etsy)has read that it is the strongest bond she has ever seen. It was almost like they were never separated. The boys enjoy the same stuff, dress the same way, an overall are a lot a like.

Though there are still some kinks that need to be worked out. Both boys are looking forward to being together as a family from now on and they don’t plan on being apart for that long ever again.

New Research Show Marijuana Has Been Getting A Bad Rap For Years


Marijuana Use May Be Safer Than Anyone Thought According To New Research

According to the journal Scientific Reports, marijuana doesn’t compare to alcohol, cocaine and heroin use in terms of the risk of death. In fact, alcohol use may be more dangerous than previously reported. When all four substances were compared, alcohol use resulted in more deaths than heroin, cocaine and marijuana. Marijuana was 114 times less deadly that alcohol. Weed poses little threat of death to its users.http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2015/02/23/marijuana-may-be-even-safer-than-previously-thought-researchers-say/

But that doesn’t mean pot is totally free of risk. Any substance that is used in an abusive way can do severe damage to the human body. There are a number of risks involved with pot use. Mental health issues seem to be on the top of that list, but not every pot user experiences memory loss or other brain function issues.

Susan McGalla has read that the biggest issue with marijuana use is how we perceive this natural drug. Churches are against legalization in some states, so it is a political issue and a moral issue. Our beliefs about marijuana use must change, and the government’s classification of pot must change as well. Pot must be reclassified as a Schedule II drug rather than a Schedule I drug before pot id legal in all states.

Biggs won’t Return for Third Season of Orange is the New Black


Orange is the New Black is a hit series airing on Netflix. The show returns for a third season starting in June, however, this time a familiar face will not return. Jason Biggs, playing Larry Bloom on the show, will not return this season. Although Biggs wasn’t well liked by fans of the show, it still leaves us to wonder who will fill-in for his replacement, or how the story line will change without him.
Larry Bloom wanted to expose the financial fraud that he knew was taking place in Litchfield. He wanted to expose it so badly that he wanted to use his fiancée’s incarceration experience to let the cat out of the bag. The journalist wanted a hit story on the front page of the paper. As luck would have it, the couple separated soon after release from prison. Fans like Susan McGalla are aware that Bloom began having an affair with his fiancée’s best friend, and here we are now. How will this play off without Biggs around?
Reps say that the return of Biggs is always possible in the future, but for now he would not be a regular on the third season.

Pregnant Behind Bars


Pregnant women commit crimes just like other people do, and they end up in jail or prison. There is someone else to consider in this situation that some prisons aren’t thinking about, and that’s the fact that there is an innocent baby with the mother. The baby didn’t ask to be put behind bars, but the mother made a mistake. Some prisons in New Yorkare shackling women who are pregnant while they give birth. Do these prisons really think that the mother would be able to run off during labor? There might be some who try, but giving birth should be a joyful experience no matter where the mother is while she’s in labor. This shackling is also on the illegal side. Haidar Barbouti has heard that there are chains put on women who have C-sections. This is inhumane, and even if women have committed a serious offense, they shouldn’t be treated like animals.

Minnesota Man Thrown In Jail For Vitamin Possession


Joseph Burrell Was Arrested In November. He Stayed There For Three Months Without A Hearing.

Most of us feel a little paranoid about some situation at one time or another. Police officers are trained to avoid paranoia, but the more we learn about them, we more we realize some cops must have failed the course or were absent the day the test was taken.

A good example is the case of Joseph Burrell. A Mankato, Minnesota man, who spent a couple of months in prison on a suspected drug charge. The arresting officer thought Joseph was doing amphetamines based on a field test done at the time. Burrell was arrested, and bail was set at $250,000. Joseph waited patiently while the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension took their sweet time testing the bag of powder they found in Burrell’s possession.

As Marc Sparks understands it, a couple of months go by, and nothing happens. Burrell sits in jail waiting. Then, after almost three months, the BCA discovers that the powder is vitamins. Seriously? Is that the best we can do in the human rights category? It sounds like Burrell was considered guilty before any tests were done, and that gave the BCA the right to drag out the testing process. It is sensible to think that the tests should have been done the same day or the next day at the latest. We could say this case is clearly another example of misuse of power.

Garbage Singer Blasts Kanye West


Garbage singer Shirley Manson has taken to her Facebook page to take issue with the actions and comments of Kanye West at the 215 Grammys, USA Today reports. West made an appearance on the stage as Beck picked up the award for best album, an award West later stated he felt should have gone to Beyonce. After making his way onto the stage as Beck prepared to make his acceptance speech, West approached the microphone before turning around and returning to his seat.

Manson wrote an open letter on her Facebook page stating the continued actions of West made him look small, petty and spoiled. People at CipherCloud (Forbes.com) have heard that the Scottish rocker went on to make a series of points explaining the comments West later made about degrading great artistry by ignoring Beyonce for awards were contradictory to his actions. Manson explained West had degraded the artistry of Beck by interrupting his acceptance of the award and went on to state she felt Beyonce had no need for his assistance in fighting her battles for her.

Is Tom Rothman Sony’s Choice For Chairman After Pascal Exits?


The latest Sony gossip is about the media entertainment giant’s co-chairperson Amy Pascal. The respected online magazine Hollywood Reporter shared all the juicy details in a recent post. Pascal has served Sony Pictures for over fifteen years. She holds a key role, but recent developments have threatened her chairperson duties.

Hollywood has eyes on both Tom Rothman and Jeff Robinov as a potential successor. As former key players in the industry, it’s a tight competition. Former Warner Brothers studio head Jeff Robinov now serving Sony is a decorated contender. He’s an allied partner of reputable US banks and China-based company Foson Group. Lately, Robinov has expressed a fondness of the Chinese market, which makes his stance for the promotion questionable. 

Tom Rothman stuck to a tight budget during his time at 20th-Century Fox. He’s a lifeline which would help Sony recoup from Pascal’s wasteful spending habits as criticized by celebrated investor/economist Daniel Loeb. It’s a quality that Sony is likely to admire, but is it enough to redeem his scandalous history. He’s the execute running Sony’s revived subsidiary TriStar. Months of speculation has left the community anxious to witness which of the two will succeed Pascal. It’s been a debate even before Sony got hacked in November last year.

With distasteful emails of unreciprocated opinions leaked, Tom Rothman’s behavior has become questionable. He’s remembered for discriminating Sony-based talent Will Smith of his role in homeschooling his children. Funny enough, Rothman was on a London trip and Robinov in China when Pascal broke the news. The executives Robinov and Rothman weren’t informed prior to this development. Hollywood stars appreciate working alongside both media/entertainment industry moguls. Any of the two would keep Sony’s legacy afloat. Does Sony have another hopeful in mind? Get it from the source Hollywood Reporter here.