Y U So Mad?

Biggs won’t Return for Third Season of Orange is the New Black


Orange is the New Black is a hit series airing on Netflix. The show returns for a third season starting in June, however, this time a familiar face will not return. Jason Biggs, playing Larry Bloom on the show, will not return this season. Although Biggs wasn’t well liked by fans of the show, it still leaves us to wonder who will fill-in for his replacement, or how the story line will change without him.
Larry Bloom wanted to expose the financial fraud that he knew was taking place in Litchfield. He wanted to expose it so badly that he wanted to use his fiancée’s incarceration experience to let the cat out of the bag. The journalist wanted a hit story on the front page of the paper. As luck would have it, the couple separated soon after release from prison. Fans like Susan McGalla are aware that Bloom began having an affair with his fiancée’s best friend, and here we are now. How will this play off without Biggs around?
Reps say that the return of Biggs is always possible in the future, but for now he would not be a regular on the third season.