Y U So Mad?

Desiree Perez Makes You Believe in Tidal



When music streaming came into place in the very beginning it was innovative, but people did not know it would become the overarching method for music listeners. Most people didn’t have the bandwidth to support all the streaming. This is a different day and age though. Many people have unlimited plans. They are doing this music streaming more because it helps them avoid storing stuff on their phones. It also helps them get access to more new music sooner.


Desiree Perez has shown people that there is a need to subscribe to Tidal. She has done a great job of giving Jay-Z insight on what works and what doesn’t. Exclusive content is a big thing for Tidal. It is one of the best attractions for those people that are interested in trying to hear everything new before their friends hear it. This is also a big deal for bloggers. So many people have blogs where they review new music. It can be difficult to view exclusive content if you don’t have access to this. That is why people have to pay for the memberships.


Desiree Perez has been able to construct an affordable price that allows Tidal to compete with many other companies. It can be hard to market music streaming as a premium service, when there are others that have free apps. The difference is that people can avoid all of the ads. Tidal has more than just this type of ad free music streaming though. There is a whole other level of Tidal that no one can compete with. Tidal X is a great example of that.


This was a benefit concert in New York for hunger and homelessness. Stars like Nicki Minaj and Beyonce showed up. Lauryn Hill, a woman that is hardly ever even seen out, was one of the artists that took the stage. This was big news. It was a sold out concert. Everyone could not attend, but the streaming process of Tidal gives people access to these performances. This is obviously not the case if you do not have a membership though. That is where the streaming content comes into place all over again. This is the hook for Tidal users. Perez recognizes the value of this. Jay-Z recognizes the value. Even Beyonce recognizes how big exclusive content can be. She dropped a visual album that was exclusive on Tidal without any warning.