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Magic Mike XXL – How Great Is This Movie?


Magic Mike is a film that follows the life of Mike Lane, and he is struggling with his daily life of being a stripper and also trying to find the love of his life. Magic Mike really followed his life and how he is currently handling the life of being a stripper. He eventually decided to retire from being a stripper and fell in love. Magic Mike XXL is simply a new addition to the story, and he actually decides to try coming back to the world of stripping because he misses the industry. In this new part, you’ll find that he is in the middle of either straying away from stripping or going right back.

The opportunity for him to come back begins with his friends heading back to a stripping convention. He eventually gets back on that stage to strip, and this film gives you many glimpses into his life as he gets back on track. Magic Mike XXL is a story if self discovery and passion. There is plenty of scenes of Channing and his costars getting very steamy on screen, and so it’s obvious to say that the women watching will enjoy he film regardless.

Channing Tatum teams up with a whole new cast with several people who came back to create a new stunning visual story. The film showcased the acting of newcomer actress, Crystal Hunt. She has acted in a multitude of films, but this role has helped get her name out there. Her acting is superb in the film, based off of the reviews given by critics and reviewers.

Fans can expect plenty of shirtless scenes and exciting moments between the male actors and the stage that they perform on. Magic Mike XXL has been well received by critics and fans, and the story has been able to help spread that openness about the lives of strippers.

Magic Mike XXL is a unique story and gives a great plot of Mike Lane’s adventures. The many guest stars is what helped make the film get well received reviews. Ellen’s Gardener also made a quick appearance in the film. The movie is definitely an interesting one for anybody wanting to watch the movie. It’s a great idea to watch the original film first just to get a good idea on the story since those does continue a bit in the original story. This film is definitely worth watching.

Is Tom Rothman Sony’s Choice For Chairman After Pascal Exits?


The latest Sony gossip is about the media entertainment giant’s co-chairperson Amy Pascal. The respected online magazine Hollywood Reporter shared all the juicy details in a recent post. Pascal has served Sony Pictures for over fifteen years. She holds a key role, but recent developments have threatened her chairperson duties.

Hollywood has eyes on both Tom Rothman and Jeff Robinov as a potential successor. As former key players in the industry, it’s a tight competition. Former Warner Brothers studio head Jeff Robinov now serving Sony is a decorated contender. He’s an allied partner of reputable US banks and China-based company Foson Group. Lately, Robinov has expressed a fondness of the Chinese market, which makes his stance for the promotion questionable. 

Tom Rothman stuck to a tight budget during his time at 20th-Century Fox. He’s a lifeline which would help Sony recoup from Pascal’s wasteful spending habits as criticized by celebrated investor/economist Daniel Loeb. It’s a quality that Sony is likely to admire, but is it enough to redeem his scandalous history. He’s the execute running Sony’s revived subsidiary TriStar. Months of speculation has left the community anxious to witness which of the two will succeed Pascal. It’s been a debate even before Sony got hacked in November last year.

With distasteful emails of unreciprocated opinions leaked, Tom Rothman’s behavior has become questionable. He’s remembered for discriminating Sony-based talent Will Smith of his role in homeschooling his children. Funny enough, Rothman was on a London trip and Robinov in China when Pascal broke the news. The executives Robinov and Rothman weren’t informed prior to this development. Hollywood stars appreciate working alongside both media/entertainment industry moguls. Any of the two would keep Sony’s legacy afloat. Does Sony have another hopeful in mind? Get it from the source Hollywood Reporter here.