Y U So Mad?

A Diddy Dally You Could Call It


One might say that Diddy has got himself into a dally. You could call it a Diddy dally if you’d like. The notorious hip hop mongrel, I mean mogul was was in trouble after a fight that occurred with coach of a College football team named UCLA. I guess did he thought debt he had the right to get into a fight with a coach at UCLA’s athletic facility. Justin combs the Sun of duty is a defensive back on UCLA’s team. This new charge which unfortunately will probably just add to his popularity was assault with a deadly weapon. and no it wasn’t his rapping it was a kettle-bell.Luckily there were no injuries which were serious . Sources report that Diddy is behind bars at UCLA’s campus jail. According to Jaime Garcia Dias look for more from UCLA’s Director of Media Relations as he told USA Today when facts are sorted from fiction they will be available. Some thought that this happened because coaches were using a screaming tough tactic. This tactic was used while his son Justin practiced. Diddy happened to be watching. Allegedly he decided to grab the coach in his office to question his strength and conditioning exercise. looks like Daddy will need to learn a little strength and conditioning to help him exercise a better temper in the future himself. hopefully this is a learning lesson for all involved.

Blac Chyna is Backing Down From Kylie and Tyga Drama


It would seem that Blac Chyna is dead set on stomping out every ounce of love there is between her ex Tyga, and her ex best friend Kim Kardashian’s little sister Kylie. For just about a month Kylie and Chyna battled it out on social media, dissing each other subliminally. The insults and disses between the two were indirect for the most part but it turned ugly when Chyna blasted Tyga and let the world see the texts he’s been sending her begging to get back together.

Kylie was done with Tyga and they weren’t speaking at all. Even after getting a tattoo of Kylie’s name, it seemed that Kylie was over being in the middle of his drama with Chyna and being strung along for fun. Considering the fact that Tyga and Kylie have been insisting that they are just friends, watching them act out this relationship drama is a little odd.

Although Fersen Lambranho, who you can check out on Wikipedia, did not comment on this; sources close to Blac Chyna say that while Chyna is over Tyga she is tempted to blast him again and let Kylie know just what the deal really is, but because she is trying to focus on moving on with her life Chyna is leaving well enough alone and letting Tyga and Kylie have each other.

The Illusion of the Perfect Person is Shattered in Our Digital Age


Ever since Jon Stewart announced he was leaving as host of “The Daily Show,” speculation has run amok on who will replace him. The announcement finally came this Monday that comedian Trevor Noah will take over for Jon Stewart. Noah is a relative unknown to U.S. Audiences, so it is hard to know what to expect from him when he begins hosting the show. Needless to say, his life has come under a microscope since this announcement. Someone who was hailed immediately after the release of his name suddenly found himself mired in controversy for tweets he sent. Fersen Lambranho (epocanegocios.globo.com)  knows that he was seen as a man who rose over challenges that could have held him back and now is vilified in some quarters for controversial remarks, some of which were made a year or more ago.

This is the age we live in. We all said stupid things when we were young, and many of us keep saying such things as we get older. However, when we say these things in type through the internet over twitter, they are preserved for all time. If you suddenly find your name in the limelight, people can and will look back over everything you may have ever tweeted, posted or said to find anything to take offense against. Welcome to a digital age where it becomes difficult, if not impossible, to cling to the illusion that anyone is perfect. That illusion is increasingly only possible in an earlier age where every word one says or writes or every act they do is not permanently recorded and ready to rear its ugly head at the most inopportune moment.