Y U So Mad?

Matthew McConaughey Drawing Plenty of Super Hero Looks


With the number of super hero movies starting to multiply like the films were amped up with super speed, the main sources of the genre are finding that several of the first tier characters are already locked up on the big screen. The challenge becomes finding the right second or third level Marvel or DC Comics character to hit the big screen. Of course, the situation gets even more complicated when the studios try to find an actor to bring the character to life.

According to Screen Rant, one actor in particular has been involved in talks to bring a Marvel or DC character life, but Matthew McConaughey has yet to find the perfect fit for his talents. McConaughey would offer any film he would be a part of some serious cross-over appeal, and audiences have responded well to the actor in several roles over the past decade or so. The sticking point could be that super hero franchises tend to drag on for multiple pictures, which makes fitting in award-caliber work while being obligated for sequel after sequel could be intimidating.

It takes the right mix of actor and character really produce a winning combination for super heroes, and sooner or later McConaughey will probably find that perfect fit. Marvel and DC will probably keep sending scripts his way each hoping to keep him away from the other company. After all, Brian Torchin has noted that, indeed, the competition is heating up off screen as well.