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The Impact of Jose Borghi in the Growth of Mullen Lowe


Jose Borghi is one of the 20 best promoters in Brazil. Borghi was positioned among these 20 best publicists by GQ; an organization that focuses on style, culture and fashion. GQ has a group of 30 administrators from the best organizations in Brazil to think of the rundown of the best publicists in the business. The group has helped the organization to be more precise when getting the list of the best promoters.

Borghi Lowe went to the Catholic University of Campinas where he graduated with a degree in Advertising. Later, he worked with different promotion organizations until 2002 when they framed an organization – BorgiEhr Agency, together with his accomplice Erh Ray. The organization was fruitful in its entire operations. Following four years, Ehr chose to quit the organization after Lowe purchased it. Borghi was selected as president of the organization, and the firm was renamed Borghi Lowe before the organization later changing its name to Mullen Lowe.

While he filled in as the leader of the organization, Borghi was relegated obligations in development and creativity. He had a decent notoriety of bringing the most noteworthy ideas since the starting of his vocation. The performance of Borghi affected the Mullen Lowe execution as he focused on web-based promoting, besides having the capacity to revolutionize the marketing sector in Brazil. It appears that Borghi has a profound comprehension of the publicizing and promoting industry, with the majority of the rising advertisers following his marketing strategies in publicizing.

Publicizing is what builds the brand or name of an organization. Without advertising and marketing, establishing a brand can a bit challenging. It is among the reasons that organizations utilize huge amounts of cash in marketing their products or services. For one to be an extraordinary marketer, he/she must be inventive and creative. These are two components that have caused Jose Borghi to procure his accomplishment in the business. Today, Mullen Lowe is one of the greatest publicizing organizations in Brazil where Jose Borghi acts as the CEO.

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