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How Magnises Revolutionary Black Card is Transforming Lifestyles


Experiential and lifestyle startup, Magnises is quickly casting Millennials to the first lane with amazing lifestyle benefits. According to a Forbes article published in February, members pay $250 annually to access an array of experiences from evening parties and dining to co-working spaces and other enticements. In the summer of 2015, Magnises added a new concierge service that is hard to beat by any measure. The services include reservations at luxe hotels and an optional, free bottle of Champaign during dinner. The New York City restaurants roped into the plan include Goldbar, La Esquina and clubs Finale. The service also promises tickets to members preferred events and includes WorkPass, ClubPass and HotelPass for extra small fees at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Billy_McFarland_(entrepreneur).

With the HotelPass, members get luxe hotel room accommodation in upscale locations at only $79. The ClubPass, on the other hand, gives paid up members a pass to various nightclubs evening events for a payment of $65. With regards to the WorkPass, members get a comfortable desk and co-working space at AlleyNYC for $99 a month. The chic co-working locale typically charges $500 a month to non Magnises members and everyone else. The other enticements include helicopter rides, visits to the racetrack racing and drop offs to private shows hosted by rappers such as Ja Rule and Rick Ross. Although the New York based club doesn’t screen member to ascertain quality, during its brief existence, it has managed to attract a decent population of successful people.

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Currently, Magnises club boasts over 11,000 members in Washington, DC and New York. The company has also laid down an aggressive plan to roll its services to other cities across the US, such as Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco. The US millennial market has an estimated annual buying power of $1.3 trillion, which has proven very difficult to tap because of its diverse taste. According to an excerpt published by Business Insider on July 2015, most of the members signed up with the company are aged between 21 and 35 years, with the majority working the technology, fashion and finance sectors. To capture this market, Magnises offers its members a special black card for payment purposes. The card is linked to the user’s credit or bank card.

Magnises is also keen to promote networking; to the end, the club has invested in a penthouse where members can meet and work during the day and evenings. The place also plays host to cocktail hours and late night DJ sessions to keep revelers in high spirits. The penthouse space is located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Magnises is a dream come true for the 23 year old, Billy Farland who founded the company to help members build strong social and professional networks. According to Wikipedia.com, Billy got thrust into the world of business at age 13, when he founded an online based design outsourcing company. Towards the end of his freshman year at the university, he established an online advertising platform called Spling. Mc Farland briefly studied computer engineering at Bucknell University in Pennsylvania.

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