Y U So Mad?

Prince William and Kate Are Not Moving To The Hamptons


There are all sorts of rumors swirling around whether the royal couple will move to American. It’s no question that theQueen of England hasn’t been happy with Kate Middleton and her actions. According to Crystal Hunt, she doesn’t think she is fit for the title and has brought shame to the monarchy. With 2 children and the heart of Prince William, it’s safe to say that she’s not going anywhere that her family isn’t. So perhaps she is facilitating a move away from the royal spotlight where she can be free.

The rumors started when the couple headed to the Hamptons to vacation and supposedly rented a house there. The rumors are really just that, tongues wagging. The intended King and Queen is not going to eat hot dogs and summer on the beach, it would be beneath them. The Queen is not going to let them out of her site, especially with young Charlotte just being born. The monarchy needs them to be home. If they were to move to another country, it would look like they were turning their backs on their homeland. You can rest assured this would not go over very good with the entire country. American has the president, but the royal family is Britain’s claim to fame.

It would be equivalent to President Obama moving to England and turning his back on the country he served. Some people just wouldn’t think too kindly of it. But, this is all just rumors and speculation and there’s no way it’s going to happen.

Kim and Kanye Pranked by Amy Schumer


It appears that there are some jokes that even Amy Schumer cannot pull off. Recently she pranked Kanye West and Kim Kardashian at a red carpet event. Neither Mr. or Mrs. West were impressed with this.

The video from TMZ footage clearly shows a look of disgust from Kanye West who hardly ever has anything to laugh about. Kim Kardashian followed behind her husband, and there was not laughter from her either. For Amy Schumer it was a prank that just totally went wrong.

It was supposed to be Amy in a type of reverence look as if she was praising the famous West family. Instead, it just looked like she was falling and in the way. It was a mocking of sorts that Kanye just wasn’t impressed with.

West doesn’t take anything lightly anymore because he is trying to get his clothing line off the ground. He has become someone that is serious in almost every interview because he feels like he is not being taken seriously. With the comments that come out of his mouth since he became famous, how is anyone going to take the buffoon seriously Ricardo Guimarães BMG states humorously (cmbh.mg.gov).

Amy Schumer has become the MTV prankster that has not quite mastered timing. There have been other celebrity pranksters down through the years like Ashton Kutcher, but he had much better timing than Amy. Ashton would not try to prank someone on the red carpet. Amy has had some funny moments, but she has to know when she has taken something too far to be funny.