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Ricardo Tosto: Benefits of Having a Business Attorney


Businesses and entrepreneurs who want to stay focused on their projects should consider retaining a business lawyer. A good lawyer can save you a lot of money and give you the confidence you need to reach your goals.
A business attorney should be viewed at as an associate in your business organization, comparable to your accountant or bank account administrator. Yes, they are helpful when it comes to satisfying the legal aspects of a company but they can also be beneficial to help the company grow and succeed.

Owning a business enterprise has risks and the are many ways to get in a financial and legal bind if you are not well-informed. Many individuals view lawyers as professionals you only contact when you are need legal documents, or worse yet, are in legal dilemma.

From start-ups to established business enterprises, a knowledgeable lawyer can ensure that his client’s business is protected against lawsuits. Just as a physician can help or encourage his patient to maintain optimal health, a business organization lawyer can enable keep your business enterprise out of financial and legal hot water.
From deciding on the best business structure for your company to establishing contracts, a business enterprise lawyer is there to protect your business. Many legal problems that occur in the company world, such as consumer litigation and IRS issues, can be avoided with preventive legal strategies. Your lawyer can point you in the right direction and provide you the tools to avoid potential complications that could ruin your business.

Mr Ricardo Tosto can advise and guide you in setting up the foundation for a highly successful business by ensuring that all legal aspects are taken care of. Ricardo Tosto already rendered tremendous help to numerous growing companies, and he can help you develop a prosperous business by making sure that you abide by applicable guidelines.

An experienced attorney can serve to guide you by offering legal advice and other legal services, leading to a comprehensive business establishment plan that fits your needs and goals. When needed, Ricardo Tosto also provides help with business enterprise dissolution.

SEC Whistleblower Program Helps Investors Settle Disputes


In the year 2010, the United States Congress looked to help regulate the financial industry by introducing the Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. This new legislation proved to be the most significant regulatory policy since the Great Depression. One of the most significant aspects of the Dodd Frank Act is the establishment of a whistleblower program. With this program, a number of people will get employment protection and financial incentives to report any unethical activity that takes place in the finance industry. As part of this program, a number of individuals can seek these incentives through legal representation from a SEC whistleblower attorney.


Once the Dodd Frank Act was passed, the law firm Labaton Sucharow became the most prominent law firm to specialize in providing representation for anyone looking to report wrongdoing in the finance industry. As part of the firm, individuals looking to report violations of securities laws will be able to get representation from a SEC whistleblower lawyer. Clients will be able to get excellent representation due to the firm’s use of investigators, financial analysts and forensic accountants. With the combination of these professionals, Labaton Sucharow has proven to get favorable legal results for clients who are looking to report unscrupulous activity in the finance industry.


When an individual has witnessed or become aware of wrongdoing being committed in the financial securities industry, they will have the opportunity to meet with one of the lawyers at Labaton Sucharow. The client and the firm will work towards reporting unethical activity to the Securities and Exchange Commission. Those who report wrongdoing and become whistleblowers will have the opportunity to seek and get financial compensation. In order to report securities law violations and get compensation, whistleblowers will need to go through a legal process known as litigation. During this process, they will work with an attorney to present evidence to a court that proves that violations were committed.


In a typical case, the whistleblower client will first inform an attorney at Labaton Sucharow about wrongdoing in the finance industry. The client will consult with the lawyer and present the information they have available. Then the lawyer will file documents to a court revealing the evidence and information about securities law violations. If the company or finance professional who violated securities laws agrees to a settlement, then the case is over. However, there are times when they wont’ and therefore a whistleblower attorney will need to take the case to court. If the case results in a favorable outcome for the whistleblower, then they receive compensation. Their identity is also protected during this process in order to maintain anonymity.