Y U So Mad?

Tyga And King Go To Disneyland With The Kardashians For North’s Birthday Bash


Tyga and Kylie are not about let anyone keep them from each other, and lately they have been more public than ever. For so long it seemed like the only thing they could do was pretend that nothing was going on between them and their relationship was just platonic, but after watching them become jointed at the hip over the holidays it is safe to say that Kylie and Tyga are way more than just friends. Now that Kylie is just a few weeks away from independence they seem more than comfortable out in the open as a couple. We still haven’t even seen them holding hands in public but they are clearly together.

Sam Tabar of Shulte Roth noted that over the Easter weekend Tyga accompanied Kylie and her family to church and even brought along his son King Cairo for the festivities. Now we see Tyga one again blending in with the Kardashian family as he joined them to Disneyland to celebrate North West’s 2nd birthday at the happiest place on earth. Once again Tyga brought his son along for the fun, and some adorable photos are surfacing of the outing.

According to sources not only are Kylie and Tyga ready to tell the world about them, but they are ready to get married. Apparently Tyga is ready to leave LA and he wants to take Kylie with him, but is Kylie ready to leave her family and start over in a new place? For now we can only wait and watch, baby steps.