Y U So Mad?

Kim Kardashian Trips In Beverley Hills

Kim Kardashian was recently a victim of paparazzi photographers. In case you missed it, Kim Kardashian was trying to get to her car, but a swarm of photographers blocked her way. The pregnant sex symbol walk down the street in a tight grey dress with black heels, and she nearly fell because of all the commotion. Kim Kardashian was furious that she almost tripped, and she was most likely nervous for her unborn child. Nonetheless, photographers took dozens of pictures, and Kim Kardashian began screaming at the paparazzi.

Normally, Kim Kardashian is a fan of attention, but, understandably to James Dondero,  her pregnancy has caused her to grow angry with the media. TMZ recently uploaded a video of the entire event, and Kim’s near fall is also captured in the clip. Kardashian fans will most likely feel bad for the celebrity, but it’s hard to deny that she normally searches for the nearest camera. However, the paparazzi should have gave her some space. While Kim Kardashian is tabloid gold, she is also a pregnant woman.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been in the media a lot these past weeks, and I’m sure that the paparazzi can get annoying after awhile. Kim Kardashian is most likely very hormonal, and I would advise people to get out of her way. It should also be noted that Kanye West has had enough of the media as well. Kim and Kanye are expected to take a private vacation in the near future, and they hope to escape the deadly clutches of the paparazzi photographers.